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The multipolar radio frequency device for face and body RF 3.0 Multipolar guarantees to make your skin smooth and elastic, reduce the ruge, improve and tone the face or body. The first visible results will already be after the first applications. The radio frequency technology is effective and allows to carry out the diathermy procedure through the electromagnetic waves that can sink on the tissues and produce the thermal effect and generate a deep heat which instead stimulates the regeneration of collagen.

Among the main effects after the radiofrequency procedure with RF 3.0 Multipolar are:

Lifting and oxygenation effect

Wrinkle reduction

Improvement of the appearance, those and elasticity of the skin

Firming and toning the skin

Reduction of orange-burning skin

Production of new collagen and elastin.

Before the procedure it is necessary to use the conductive gel and carry out the massage by applying the handpiece on the treatment area. Treatment must be concentrated on the most problematic areas.

The bipolar handpiece emits radio frequency for the face, making the lifting effect very effective thanks to the binary transmission. The surfaces determine an immediate denaturation of the collagen proteins. Treatment is easy, non-invasive and interference-free. The bipolar handpiece has 5 levels of intensity. The three-pole handpiece is used for the body, radiofrequency produces energy that promotes cell regeneration. Thus the skin is young and resistant. The three-pole handpiece has 10 intensity levels.

Technical features:

Power supply: 220 V / 50-6- Hz

Power: 50 W

Frequency: 1 MHz

Dimensions: 27x27x14 cm (the height 14 cm is without the support for the handpieces, with the support is 37cm)

Weight: 5 kg

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