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RF Beauty 6000 is a professional product, recommended for use in medical-aesthetic centers. This product presents the technology of aesthetic diathermy. Diathermy has the ability to induce reactivation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, with a greater blood supply and therefore better oxygenation of the cells. For this reason it is an eggicace technology in the treatment of lymphedema and cellulite and also in the prevention and to alleviate the signs of aging of the face. The diameter treatment is painless and pleasant, it does not require pressure from the outside. The term Diathermy in the aesthetic field is also generically called Radio Frequency, they are the same things. That is, at the commercial level, different names are used for convenience.

Radio frequency is the technology that produces energy and determines a feeling of warmth in the treated area. Following the increase in temperature of the tissues, the restructuring of both surface and deep collagen occurs, eliminating cellulite and adiposity. They then activate the fibroblasts and begin to produce new collagen, that is, the tissue regenerates and the dermis is more toned.

Diathermy can induce reactivation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems and improve cell oxygenation. The heat induced by diathermy also stimulates the processes of self-regeneration of tissues and muscles, reducing and preventing the signs of aging on the face. The diathermy treatment allows to obtain the restructuring of deep collagen and guarantees visible results from the first applications.

Globus RF Beauty is the device equipped with 32 preset programs, among which are:

7 programs for the face: face wrinkles, eye wrinkles, acne, micro-lifting, couperose, facial boils, anti-aging.

10 programs for skin: Acne skin, body wrinkles, decolletage lifting, skin elasticity, scars, firming, massage, stretch marks, body boils, skin restructuring.

10 programs for Cellulite: Fibrous Cellulite, Sclerotic Cellulite, Edematous Cellulite, Orange Peel Cellulite, Lipolysis, Localized Adiposity Normal Weight, Female Abdomen Adiposity, Male Abdomen Adiposity, Culotte de Cheval, Lymphatic Drainage.

5 medical programs: shoulder pain, cervical pain, low back pain, muscle distraction and joint patalogy.

Technical features:

Mains power supply 220v / 50-60Hz

Power 200w +/- 20%

Emitting power: resistive 200 W

Emission frequency: 280-470-680-1000KHz

Exits: 2

Dimensions: 17x22x6cm

Weight: 900 gr

Handpieces: monopolar capacitive and resistive

Dislay: color, touch screen.




1 Power supply + cable

A Beuaty RF Central Unit

1 Dualtrode resistive handpiece with 3 plates (30, 50, 70 mm)

1 Captrode capacitive handpiece with 3 plates (30, 50.70mm)

1 bipolar resistive handpiece Monotrode 30 mm

A counter electrode plate for Dualtrode and Captrode

1 bratt of 250 ml cream

User manual

Professional briefcase

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