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With age, the skin loses its firmness, elasticity and smoothness. RF therapy is a new method of medical research with amazing results in the non-invasive skin smoothing (noninvasively = without surgery or injections). With monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency skin and connective tissue are heated in depth. By heating collagen and elastin being produced. The treatment is gentle and painless.

A very good efficacy is obtained with relaxed parts of the skin: the eyes (puffiness), double chin, the cheeks (hamster cheeks), forehead wrinkles, lip wrinkles, neck and décolleté, back of hands, and the body with sagging skin on the upper arm insides, the inner thighs, with cellulite and sagging abdominal wall after pregnancy. The effect of treatment is quickly visible and the effect of treatment increases in the coming weeks and months. Depending on skin type and lifestyle, the result holds for several years.

After the initial treatment further treatments until the desired success without risk are possible.

How it works radio frequency (RF) therapy

There are different methods to tighten sagging skin. In addition to classical invasive method of skin tightening with a scalpel minimally invasive "BOTOX" method is widely used. The surgical method the excess skin is removed and the remaining skin taut. However, this is often associated with a loss of sensitivity of the skin. When "BOTOX" method paralysis of the muscles skin takes place, the wrinkles disappear, but also the facial expressions. Both procedures treat the symptoms but do not eliminate the causes. The RF procedure is the only non-invasive treatment method, which simultaneously causes firmer skin, rejuvenated facial contours and an improved collagen. Collagen is a only multicellular animals (including man), occurring mainly structural protein of the connective tissue (more precisely, the extracellular matrix). In the human body, collagen is the most abundant protein with about 30% share of the total mass of all proteins. It is an important organic part of the connective tissue (bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons, ligaments) and the skin. Collagen consists of individual, long collagen molecules (protein chains), which form a left-handed helix. Collagen fibers possess an enormous tensile strength and are hardly stretchable. The winding density is decisive for the high tensile strength of collagen fibers.

The use of radio frequency is currently the most modern treatment methods for cellulite: radiofrequency therapies extend painlessly and quickly lead to smoother skin on hips, legs and buttocks. In several meetings, a specially shaped handset to the affected cellulite locations is set in out-patient anti-cellulite treatment that emits low- and high-frequency current into the subcutaneous tissue. The radiofrequency therapy has already been successfully used in the treatment of varicose veins and snoring, but the investigations are to their action in the anti-cellulite treatment not yet completed.

How does the radio frequency (RF) therapy

Although causes, treatment with the radio frequencies used no pain, however, is a modest amount of heat on the skin feel. The radio frequency device is poled two-fold and can be adjusted to different wattages. The waves heat the skin in depth, so that the subcutaneous tissue up to 44 degrees is hot. Thus, the collagen is destroyed, which is aged and relaxed responsible for the tightening of the skin and cellulite. As a result, inflamed connective tissue, the body produces new collagen and the skin tightens up again. The perfusion of the tissue is stimulated, which promotes the removal of deposited materials and slag. As a result, the skin looks fresher after the treatment. Even a weight loss during radiofrequency therapy is not rare, since the fat cells are damaged by the waves and shrink.

Important information about the radio frequency (RF) therapy

Depending on the size and the number of affected by cellulite places can take a session between a half and one hour to complete. At least six of outpatient treatments are needed to achieve a full effect result. They take place at intervals of two weeks. The first effects of the therapy can be seen after the second session. One assumes that the skin is tightened and smoothed up to six months and if the effect of the treatment even more pronounced.

Cellulite treatment with radiofrequency is only possible if no liver or kidney disease, pregnancy, inflammation or rashes are present on the skin. After therapy, there may be slight redness on the treated skin areas.

The device RF Lifting BC RF7 is certified in Ukraine and has proven itself nationally and internationally well.

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