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The multifunction device Slimming-3 is a genuine all-rounder with regard to the most requested applications in the beauty industry. In particular, radio frequency, infrared and ELOS therapy are possible with this device,... Read more...

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The multifunction device Slimming-3 is a genuine all-rounder with regard to the most requested applications in the beauty industry. In particular, radio frequency, infrared and ELOS therapy are possible with this device, thus enabling synergies of this very popular and highly successful therapies. We would like to ask at this point some basic information about these therapies available.

The use of radio frequency is currently the most modern treatment methods for cellulite: radiofrequency therapies extend painlessly and quickly lead to smoother skin on hips, legs and buttocks. In several meetings, a specially shaped handset to the affected cellulite locations is set in out-patient anti-cellulite treatment that emits low- and high-frequency current into the subcutaneous tissue. The radiofrequency therapy has already been successfully used in the treatment of varicose veins and snoring, but the investigations are to their action in the anti-cellulite treatment not yet completed. Although causes, treatment with the radio frequencies used no pain, however, is a modest amount of heat on the skin feel. The radio frequency device is poled two-fold and can be adjusted to different wattages. The waves heat the skin in depth, so that the subcutaneous tissue up to 44 degrees is hot. Thus, the collagen is destroyed, which is aged and relaxed responsible for the tightening of the skin and cellulite. As a result, inflamed connective tissue, the body produces new collagen and the skin tightens up again. The perfusion of the tissue is stimulated, which promotes the removal of deposited materials and slag. As a result, the skin looks fresher after the treatment. Even a weight loss during radiofrequency therapy is not rare, since the fat cells are damaged by the waves and shrink.

Heat is good, especially who is sick, like like a thick blanket, a hot water bottle or at least hot tea. The medicine makes heat for millennia advantage. But it is even more possible. Certain infrared applications have the potential to affect not only beneficial, they stimulate the immune system, relieve pain, promote blood circulation, metabolism and energy and help in healing and detoxification. Only a few applications can lead to a positive change of being, and healthy (especially chronic) patients can benefit. Infrared? So what is that? Infrared (IR also abbreviated) is a radiation that is no longer just our eyes can see. Just as the better-known (and also not visible) UV radiation, the infrared radiation is next to the visible light: UV borders it directly on the energetic part of the light, and IR on the lower energy side of the visible light. We can feel on our skin IR radiation as heat, therefore it is also sometimes referred to as thermal radiation. Almost 50% of the solar radiation that reaches the earth and is IR radiation. And such a beautiful warming open fire radiates primarily from IR radiation. Here this radiation penetrates a little into our skin and there is free their energy as heat.

Many people dream of a smooth body without annoying body hair. Who shaving too troublesome and treatment with wax is too painful, should opt for the new ELOS therapy. ELOS stands for electro-optical synergy and is a form of permanent hair removal. This method can be done in almost all parts of the body such as the upper lip, cheeks, chin, arms, underarms, bikini line, abdomen, legs, buttocks, chest, back or neck. When ELOS therapy suprathreshold light energy and radio frequency power are irradiated in millisecond pulses into the skin. Thus, the hair follicles are destroyed, the skin but not damaged. Radio frequency-based electric pulses act on a warming hair shaft and -follikel from the outside, light-wave radiation with a high energy heat from inside the hair structure. The optical energy acts on the left in the hair shaft melanin, the electrical energy is melanin independently. The light beam penetrates up to six millimeters into the skin and so can also be stubborn hairs disappear forever. Unlike the laser technology in the ELOS therapy not rectified but diffuse light waves are used. Even deep in the skin follicles can be successfully obliterated. Treats is ever an area of approximately 2.5 x 1 cm; Thus, this method compared to other hair removal methods, in which each hair must be treated, less time-consuming. Unlike the laser method ELOS method does not work with bundled red light, but with a white, slightly bluish Xenon light. Burns that have already occurred at the laser method are definitely excluded from the ELOS Method.

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