Rinex Space Mix laser at three wavelengths

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The company is pleased to present you a small-sized laser at three wavelengths - Rinex Space Mix. Despite the small size, the laser capabilities will please even the most experienced cosmetologists.

Available option

The Rinex Space Mix system is equipped with three types of radiation:

755 nm

Suitable for removing light and fluffy hair on fair skin. Due to the large spot size, the wavelength of 755 nm is most often used for work on large areas. The principle of operation is based on selective photothermolysis, when energy causes the death of the hair follicle through heating of the pigment inside it. The main feature is that hair is burned instantly, and the follicle dies away gradually.

808 nm

It is considered the gold standard for laser hair removal, because the radiation can penetrate deep enough to handle almost all skin phototypes. The wavelength partially works on the principle of selective photothermolysis - another part of the energy goes into the hair shaft. It copes with coarse, coarse hair and deeply located follicles.

1064 nm

Universal radiation, because it allows you to remove unwanted vegetation on the skin of any type without side effects. 1064 nm focuses not on pigment, but on water, hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin, leading to coagulation of the vessels of the bulb. As a result of this, she dies, unable to produce new hair growth anymore. Suitable for handling Latinos and even African Americans.

Model benefits

The competitive advantages of Rinex Space Mix are:

A set of technologies that ensure the processing of all skin phototypes allows you to quickly recoup the device and start making money on it.

The safety of the system is due to high-quality manufacturing materials that guarantee a long life of the device.

The intuitive interface makes it easy for beginners to work with the equipment.

The triple cooling system contributes to the continuous operation of the device for more than 18 hours and ensures that the skin does not overheat and burns on it.

One manipulator generates three types of radiation. And its ergonomic design provides easy gliding on the skin and quick processing time.

And the compact dimensions of the device will allow you to place it in an office of any size without compromising on free space.

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