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One type of cosmetic furniture, which is in great demand and popularity, is the beauty screen. Cosmetic screens are used in massage and beauty parlors, as well as in hospitals. They are used to separate spaces. It is very effective, because by mean of cosmetology screens, you can carry out a number of different procedures in one room, without causing any inconvenience to customers at the same time. Screens are used as a place for changing clothes. Here you can buy a cosmetology screen Romantic Beauty, which is very popular. Screen Romantic Beauty is made of selected high quality wood red oak. Red Oak has properties such as strength and durability, so the screen is very strong and durable. It is covered with high-quality lacquer and decorated with expensive materials. Screen Romantic Beauty is very stable, does not fall. It has three sections. Every modern interior should have this screen.

Buy screen Romantic Beauty 3 sectional from us, it is the most profitable. Please contact us by phone specified in contacts.

Material: wood.

Height (mm): 1700

Length (mm): 1500

Width (mm): 20

Number of sections: 3

Color: natural oak.

Country of origin: Ukraine

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