Set of basalt stones for stone therapy UMS-37TC

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Set of stones for massage UMS-37TC is perfect to contours of the body, different size of stones makes it possible to use stone therapy even on the fingers and face. The spine is required to select only oval shaped stones, and to the sacrum - a triangular. If you want to choose a stone for the heart, the Tibetan rule says that this stone should resemble the shape of the heart. Of course, today s masters have changed traditions a little due to their possibilities, but if you buy the required amount of stones, then you will be able to provide the customer with the original stone therapy easily. The set of stones for massage UMS-37TC includes stones from the smallest to the largest. If you have any questions about this beautiful set, we will be happy to answer them, you only need to call us by phone listed on the site or write an e-mail.  

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