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The portable device for professional use in medical or beauty centers. It is the CE1023 class medical device which has cycle speed regulation and allows you to control the number of cycles performed in a given time. So it can go from a minimum cycle per minute up to a maximum speed of 2 cycles per minute. Thanks to the special technology it is possible to activate and stimulate the natural path and the entry of the interstitial liquid into the lymphatic vessels.

The lymphatic drainage massage is very useful and promotes the transport of fluids within the body, normalizing the venous circulation, removing lymphatic stasis and preventing the pathologies associated with these aspects. Lymphatic drainage stimulates the metabolism, reduces muscle tension, relieves tiredness and promotes maximum relaxation and lightness.

Top Medical Plus is equipped with the formidable partially overlapping chaps (CPS) which means that the pressure exerted by the chaps is more gradual and effective. Abdominal belt, two pressure orthotics and triple connector are also included. The pressure insoles are the special anatomical insoles if added inside the upper for better pressure thrust from the foot to the upper part of the legs. They perform comfortable microstimulation based on planter reflexology. The triple connector has three connections and so it becomes possible to connect the 2 leggings and the abdominal buttocks band to obtain the complete treatment.

Top Medical Plus includes 2 modes:

Massage - Lymphatic drainage: the technique similar to massage with the hands, the pressure is exerted from the foot to the groin from only one chamber at a time.

Deep Massage-Lymphatic Drainage: the pressure is exerted sequentially, the upper is inflated from one chamber at a time until complete inflation.

Top Medical Plus performs the pressure therapy treatment in an optimal and very effective way, with better pressure to promote correct venous circulation.

Technical features:

Power supply: 220V, 50/60 Hz

Cycle speed regulation

Pressure regulation 50 280mmHg 10%;

Time adjustable from 0 to 60 min

Dimensions: 28x21.5x17.2 cm

Weight: 4.2 kg

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