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For high-quality and detailed diagnosis of skin and hair, the UMS-TST-189A analyzer is presented on the site. Using it, identifying skin problems and choosing the right treatment will be much easier.

Model Features

The UMS-TST-189A analyzer is effective for diagnosing skin and hair problems, to determine their problems, and then choose the most suitable care and treatment. Distinctive features of the presented model are:

The presence of high resolution shooting, high productivity and a high level of sensitivity provides the most accurate and detailed diagnostics.

Although the device is compact, it can work for a long time without recharging due to the built-in lithium battery. It is this compactness that guarantees the absolute comfort of the process.

The UMS-TST-189A model has a built-in and additional SD card, so the specialist has the opportunity to store a large amount of information.

The presence of the WI-FI function makes it possible to send captured images to any device.

The device is equipped with a holder, which makes the process even more comfortable.

Information about the entire process is displayed on a 3-inch LCD screen.

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Technical specifications

Lenses - 50x and 200x

Display - 3 '' LCD screen

Battery - built-in lithium

SD card for 5000 images, additional included

Wi-Fi holder and receiver available

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