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EMS Beauty Company presents the SANOVE ultrasonic scrubber for peeling and phonophoresis. The functional features of the device will allow you to cope with various skin problems.

Application in cosmetology

The SANOVE ultrasound scrubber is a portable device equipped with ultrasound peeling and phonophoresis technology. Peeling is intended for high-quality cleansing of the skin from superficial and deep pollution by vibration exposure to the connecting particles of cells. By gently destroying them, the technology ensures the removal of dead skin cells and the cleansing of clogged pores. But phonophoresis is a slightly different technology.

Ultrasound phonophoresis is intended for non-invasive administration of cosmetic preparations into the skin. An alternative to injecting mesotherapy. The effect of ultrasound increases the permeability of cell membranes, providing easier penetration of nutrients into the skin. Using the device it is possible:

normalize blood circulation;

speed up metabolic processes;

reduce the severity of pigmentation of various origins;

smooth fine lines and wrinkles;

cure acne;

adjust post-acne;

narrow enlarged pores;

normalize the production of sebum;

accelerate collagen synthesis.

Recommended frequency of use is 2 to 3 times a week. If desired, you can use essential oils or tonics for deeper cleansing.

Application features

In order for your device to serve you for a long time and without interruptions, it is important to use it correctly. To do this, follow the operating instructions below:

First cleanse your skin of cosmetics and impurities. Then apply nourishing milk to your face.

Turn on the scraper and select the Moisturizing mode, and then perform processing at an angle of 90 degrees. When choosing the Cleansing mode, drive the scrubber over the skin at an angle of 45 degrees. If desired, you can perform purification simultaneously with iontophoresis.

When finished, wash with warm water and pat your skin with a damp towel.

After the procedure, do not forget to sanitize the scrubber head.

Benefits of using

Distinctive features of the SANOVE scrubber are:

A combination of modes between which it is convenient for a specialist to switch during processing.

The device can be used even on the most delicate areas of the face for various manipulations.

Since the manipulation does not cause the patient pain or discomfort, the use of anesthesia is not required. In the long run, this is a great savings for the salon.

And the small size of the device and the presence of USB-charging allows you to perform procedures in any convenient place and when you consider it necessary.

To place an order, contact the store manager by filling out a request for a call back or by calling the numbers on the site.

Specifications :

Power Source: AC100V-240V 50Hz / 60Hz

Output voltage: 5 V / 600 mA

Charging mode: rechargeable (lithium battery)

Net Weight: About 99g

Power: 2 W

Size: 173 * 55 * 15.5 mm

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