Neodymium Tattoo Removal Laser EMS-W7

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EMS Beauty offers professional laser equipment for tattoo and permanent makeup removal to beauticians and cosmetic business owners. Their catalog features a wide range of high-quality and modern devices from top manufacturers that can improve the quality of service and expand the range of services offered.

The EMS-W7 model is the most successful among similar models, and it can efficiently and painlessly remove any unwanted tattoo, even if it was done unprofessionally. The device produces a medical laser beam that can tackle any color pigment at any depth. These procedures are highly sought after in modern times and can be performed comfortably and safely for the client.

The unique laser properties allow for tattoo removal without harming the epidermis's surface, even on delicate areas of the skin. The device's shape allows for use in "awkward" locations, and the sensor display shows the laser's operating parameters and intensity. The professional can adjust the settings according to individual body characteristics. The laser is certified and has a high level of functionality.

If you have any questions, contact the EMS Beauty managers, who will provide a professional consultation and help with your purchase. All models have a one-year warranty, and in the case of malfunction, the device can be returned or replaced within 14 days of purchase.

The laser equipment adopts Q-switch mode, utilizing the instantaneous emitted laser to break down pigment structures. The laser emits high energy suddenly, penetrating the skin's cuticle and ill structures in just 6ns, breaking down pigments quickly. Pigments in skin-deep cuticles fly off immediately, while those in deep structures break down into tiny granules that can be absorbed by cells, digested, and egested from the lymphatic system. The pigments in the ill structure then lighten and disappear, without damaging the surrounding normal skin.

The device can perform eyebrow depigmentation, black face doll, remove pigments, and improve skin quality, making it an ideal investment for any cosmetic business owner or beautician looking to offer high-quality tattoo removal services.

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