Tecnovita cavitation equipment for women and men

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The Tecnovita Siluet CB 1500 cavitation device is suitable for men and women. Cavitation is a safe technique for shaping the body without surgery. With the Tecnovita cavitation device you can carry out the treatment at home and undoubtedly have impressive results already after the first applications. The Tecnovita Siluet CB 1500 is a latest generation device that effectively eliminates grease pads in a non-invasive and painless way.

There are 2 ultrasound emission modes: during the pulsed mode the ultrasounds are emitted intermittently and continuously, when the ultrasounds are emitted constantly. So you can perform the most intense treatment on the necessary area.

Ultimate Emission technology is included and allows the handpiece to emit waves of greater intensity and width to penetrate the skin more deeply. This allows to increase the effect of cavitaione for men, since there are certainly differences between men's and women's skin. They are as follows:

Men's skin is thicker than women's and contains more collagen.

Men's skin has multiple sebaceous glands and larger pores.

Men's skin is more resistant and elastic

Starting from these differences, the Ultimate Emission technology guarantees the best and immediate effects for both women and men.

Technical features:

Programming of cavitation sessions with the display and treatment time adjustment

 6 intensity levels and 2 types of modes

Ultrasound frequency: 40kHz

Power supply: 220v

Timer max. 20 minutes

Weight 2.5 kg

Tecnovita Siluet W & M System includes: Tecnovita Cavitation Gel 250 ml, Anti-Cellulite Serum and Firming Action Serum 50 ml, Post-Cavitation Lotion 250 ml and Manual and DVD with instructions.

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