The AS-7101 (NV-E6) is a 6 in 1 cosmetology combine

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Have you been looking for a device that can solve skin problems for a long time, but you have not been able to find a suitable and effective product? Then the 6-in-1 multifunction device AS-7101 will be a real discovery. This is a latest generation device designed to clean the skin of various impurities, restore it after a long lack of proper care, uniform the color and smooth the surface, eliminate wrinkles, tone and keep the dermis in good condition.

Advantages of the AS-7101 model

This device is quite popular among beauticians, given that six actions can be performed. And precisely:

• needle-free mesotherapy;

• careful peeling with a diamond-shaped scrub coating;

• quality biolifting;

• cleaning with ultrasonic frequencies;

• chromotherapy in a variety of colors, the spectrum of which is the widest of these devices.

The model presented AS-7101 is also able to perform cryotherapy, i.e. the restoration and improvement of skin conditions through a rapid change of temperature from low to high. The device takes up little space, works from the network and is very convenient to use. Thanks to special nozzles, detailed instructions, not only professional cosmetologists in the salons can use this multifunction device, but also people at home without specific preparation.

This cosmetic tool is one of the best remedies for rashes, wrinkles, redness and other skin problems.

Technical features:

Type of portable device

Number of functions 6

Functions exotherapy, diamond dermabrasion, scrubber, hot / cold, photon, biolifting

Number of mesotherapy modes (electroporation) 5

Nozzles (probes) 3pcs. (1 - for the body, 2 - for the face)

Vacuum pressure 60-70 cm рт.ст.

Frequency 0.85-6.5 kHz

Current 0-4.5 mА

Vacuum power 0-608 mm рт.ст. (0.792 аtm.)

Intensity of exposure to ultrasound up to 1 Вт / cm2

Frequency of ultrasonic radiation 28 kHz

Number of modes with microcurrent 4

Vibration scrubber, 270 thousand times per sec.

Cold / hot 1-2 ° С / 42 ° С

Number of photon colors 7


Voltage / current transformer output 15В / 0-50 mА

Device color gray

Voltage 100-120 V, 220-240 V

Frequency 50-60Hz

Power 150 W

Dimensions 51 * 51 * 33 cm

Weight 13 kg

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