The cosmetology combine 5 in 1 AS 45-05

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The cosmetology combine 5 in 1 AS 45-05

The attention of cosmetologists and owners of beauty salons presented a novelty in hardware cosmetology, which will bring services to a high level. The cosmetology combine 5 in 1 AS 45-05 allows you to carry out a number of popular face and body skin care programs. It is small in size and at the same time high performance. You can place it in any, even the smallest office, without cluttering the workspace.

Functions of the cosmetology combine 5 in 1 AS 45-05:

· Vacuum.


· Electroplating.



These functions are widely used by cosmetologists in the treatment of problem skin, prone to rashes of high fat content. The device allows you to conduct programs for rejuvenation and correction of facial contours, its competent use will give the skin firmness and elasticity. Each of the programs that the device executes runs as comfortably and painlessly as possible for the client, and the procedure for the master cosmetologist with such modern equipment is easy and simple. The package includes a set of maniples and nozzles, each of which is designed for specific purposes.

The consultants of the Ukrainian Medical Systems company will help to get acquainted with the functional features of the cosmetology device in detail, when making a purchase through the site, there is an opportunity to undergo free training on its use. The company provides the most favorable conditions for cooperation and at the same time offers goods of only the highest quality. For any model, a 1-year warranty and a certificate from the Ministry of Health are provided.

If you have any questions about the technical parameters and characteristics of the combine, call the managers of Ukrainian Medical Systems, they will professionally answer all questions and help you make a purchase.

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