The device for electroporation AS-D1

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Electroporation is another modern method used to improve the aesthetics and treatment of the skin. This procedure involves creating channels in cell membranes when exposed to an electric field, which ensures the formation of transepidermal channels and the introduction of cosmetics loaded with active substances into the skin's skin layers. Electroporation is a safe alternative to mesotherapy, it increases the diffusion properties of cell membranes by about 400 times.

Electroporation is indicated for hyperkeratosis of the skin, dull and heterogeneous tone, sagging skin, wrinkles, skin imperfections, cellulite.

The effect of electroporation manifests itself after the first procedure: a redness appears, the complexion improves and after two or three manipulations the depth of wrinkles decreases, the tone increases significantly and the tissues are hydrated in depth.

This electroporation device of the AS-D1 model has compact dimensions and a modern design. This model has two electrodes designed to treat large areas of the face and periorbital region.

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