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The NF-5775 electroporation device takes needle-free mesotherapy to a new level. Thanks to electrical impulses dosed in the deep layers of the dermis, temporary intercellular channels are formed through which cosmetic preparations penetrate. Therefore, the absorption efficiency of mesococtail, hyaluronic acid of vitamin complexes and other products increases up to 90%!

 To improve the absorption of the introduced substances, the device provides the "Ultrasound" function. In addition, NF-5775 contains a cold exposure regime, designed to preserve the introduced substances and prevent their premature removal from the tissues.

 Electroporation allows you to perform mesotherapy with substances with different molecular structures and charges. At the same time, the procedure eliminates any trauma and is completely painless for the client.

Among the advantages of the NF-5775 device:

ergonomic design;

LED display;

built-in timer,

easy-to-clean exterior material;

convenient shelf for storing nozzles and accessories.

 The kit includes:

Meso pen nozzle with passive electrode for substance administration (work in the eye area / nasolabial region, face) - 1 pc.

 Meso nozzle for the administration of substances with an internal bottle and the function of red light (body / face) - 1 pc.

Nozzle for ultrasound function and additional function red light, 1 MHz, diam. 4.8 cm (emitter diameter 3 cm) - 1 pc.

Nozzle for the "cold exposure" function with blue light, diam. 4.8 cm - 1 pc. ball bottle, volume 10 ml - 1 pc.

Technical parameters:

Form of the output signal: short bipolar high voltage pulses.

Transdermal voltage for the electroporation function: 10-80 V.

Frequency of the output current for the electroporation function: 10; 15; 20; 60 Hz.

The oscillation frequency of the ultrasonic emitter: 1 MHz.

 Power: 60 W

 Cold exposure: + 5 / + 10000 С.

 Dimensions: 54х40х23 cm

 Weight: 7.5 kg

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