The device for laser hair removal and anti-aging procedures D-LAS 80

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The European Medical System Italy company presents to the attention of specialists in the field of beauty modern and unique equipment for laser hair removal, rejuvenating treatments and non-invasive therapeutic therapeutic procedures. A novelty in the equipment market is the D-Las 80 device, which uses diode laser radiation and the E-Light technique with a line of bandpass filters, which offers a wide range of applications to beauticians and allows you to perform a series of cosmetic procedures and solving various aesthetic problems.

Procedures that are performed using D-Las 80:

</ span> • permanent hair removal on any part of the body;

• anti-aging procedures with the restoration of the collagen frame and correction of the contours of the face; </ p>

• treat acne and eliminate post-acne manifestations;

• remove the capillary pattern on the surface of the skin (treatment of rosacea);

• smoothing fine and deep wrinkles, smoothing scars and stretch marks.

D-Las 80 was created by an effective and multifunctional cosmetic processor, which will be the main assistant specialist for body and face care. The device is equipped with blocks and components produced by the most advanced companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Korea, the United States, which guarantees long life and high quality of the D-Las 80 laser.

Advantages of the model:

• the device provides high results from the procedures and guarantees safety for the customer's health;

• use of stable light sources with a long service life;

• advanced technology to minimize power loss in terms of comfort;

• plug & amp; play allows you to automatically change the device settings and the recognition of the nozzles;

• the professional mode and the simple mode change according to the professionalism level of the master;

• equipped with a 10.4 "TFT color touchscreen display;

• an intelligent multilingual menu with a choice of 14 languages;

• accessible control of all the functions of the appliance;

• the memory stores the data of the procedures performed;

• circulating water supply system with sensors for monitoring the water level, water quality, flow rate and temperature;

• self-control of all parameters with the function of notification of the appearance of deviations in the operation of the water supply system, cooling or electrical units.

The acquisition of such modern equipment for a beauty or beauty salon will attract new customers and raise the level of service. This is the reason why you should pay attention to such multifunctional equipment, since epilation with it will be the easiest task and customers will surely appreciate the result. For laser hair removal it is considered advanced in the market. The technology is so high quality that it provides amazing results. Using this device, it is possible to remove hair on any part of the body, regardless of the thickness of the skin, without problems in working with this device. To get to know the functions and features of the equipment in detail, professional managers will answer all questions and help organize the purchase.

Customers who purchase a laser device Hair removal from the European Medical System Italia company can obtain free training on the use of equipment, with a certificate at the end of the course. Experts conduct training in their clinic or in the cabin. If necessary, you can take lessons in video chat.

All models presented on the company's website are covered by a 1 year warranty of use. If necessary, our company also provides after-sales service for the equipment purchased from us. To place an order, please call the phone numbers listed on the site.



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Specifications and Parameters D - Las80


E - light and diode laser

Energy flow density, j / cm2:

E - light


Diode laser

Parameters for different operating modes:


wavelength of light, nm

480/530/640 - 950

Number of impulses

1 - 6

Pulse duration, ms

1 - 10

Light spot area, mm

12 X 30 or 15 X 50

Light source

UK-made xenon lamp, 500,000 flashes of service life, energy consumption, W2000

Diode laser

Pulse length, ms


Pulse frequency, Hz


Processing area:

<p> Laser, mm

15 X 15

Cooling head, mm

25 x 25

Laser emitter

USA Series of 10 coherent diodes, 20,000,000 pulses

Energy consumption, W


Cooling down

1 - 5 levels (from - 10 ° C to - 5 ° C)

Continuous operating time, hours


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