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UM Skin Diagnostic MachineAn attention of cosmetologists and dermatologists is offered innovative equipment from leading manufacturers, which is successfully used all over the world.The UMS - K 19 skin diagnostic device ... Read more...

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UM Skin Diagnostic MachineAn attention of cosmetologists and dermatologists is offered innovative equipment from leading manufacturers, which is successfully used all over the world.

The UMS - K 19 skin diagnostic device (condition analyzer) is a tool that helps dermatologists analyze the state of eight different functions of the dermis. The device uses ordinary white light and ultraviolet radiation, they conduct a detailed and accurate examination of all layers of the epidermis. To obtain the most accurate results, the analyzer uses a high-resolution optical sensor and a polarizing filter, which helps to eliminate factors that distort the results and give and establish the most accurate diagnosis. This diagnosis is subsequently analyzed by a specialist who prescribes the appropriate treatment.

The UMS diagnostic apparatus - K 19 performs an examination in several directions:


fat indicator;

number and depth of wrinkles;

skin texture;



contamination and pore size;

condition of collagen fibers.

As a result of the study, a document is formed where each of the parameters is described. The survey results are stored in a database, which allows you to make an objective assessment of the results of the recommended method of skin care and treatment. One of the distinguishing features of the analyzer is the ability to enter information about the drugs used in the knowledge base. This information is used in making recommendations and is printed in patient output forms.

Structurally, the UMS-K19 analyzer is a small ergonomic manipulator with an optical sensor, which is connected by a USB cable to a personal computer running Windows. Processing, analysis and storage of research results is carried out by software that is easily and simply installed using the standard software installation procedure.

The analyzer is turned on using the touch control panel on its case, and further image processing and mode selection are performed automatically by selecting the appropriate menu options on the computer screen. In the process, the cosmetologist uses a clear and convenient control interface that makes it possible to perform any operations to collect and process information, including changing the degree of increase, choosing a lighting source, filtering interfering factors, and a number of other features.

Such a rich palette of controls provides the analyzer with a large list of advantages over similar devices on the market.

The main advantages of the device UMS-K19:

registration and storage of all customer data by the management system;

the software allows you to enter information about the used cosmetic products, as well as take this information into account when compiling a report;

the system generates and prints 8 independent reports on the state and functioning of tissues, and also creates a general report;

the possibility of analyzing two reports is provided;

automatic distribution of finished information by e-mail;

unique and ergonomic design of equipment that will harmoniously fit into the design of the cabinet;

a USB interface is used to connect to a computer with Windows XP / 7/8/10;

analyzer is powered via the +5 V USB cable;

the use of a security key ensures the confidentiality and safety of information;

ease of programming, connecting the device and the possibility of subsequent updates.

Buying the UMS-K19 device in the Internet-shop of the Ukrainian Medical Systems company, cosmetologists get at their disposal advanced equipment that can significantly increase the reliability of research and provides high-quality diagnosis of various problems. When purchasing equipment through the site, our customers receive an invitation to a free master class on the use of equipment, which gives specialists the opportunity to most effectively use new cosmetology equipment. Training can be carried out in the training center of the company "Ukrainian Medical Systems" or remotely - via Skype or via video conferencing.

When placing an order, you will be provided with any convenient form of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Privat Bank card. In case of a malfunction, the equipment can be returned or replaced within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Parameters of the device for diagnostics UMS-K19:

Optical sensor high sensitivity CMOS, size 1 / 3.25 inch (American Micron)

Resolution, points:

Maximum 2560 x 1920 (5 Megapixels)

Optimal 1024 x 768, 800 x 600

Magnification factor, times 50


Sonix hands-free collocation processing system (Taiwan), DSP processors, automatic white balance, saturation, contrast, image processing

List of printing plates moisture content, oil content, texture, collagen fibers, wrinkles, pigments, sensitivity, pores, summary report

Support OS Windows XP / 7/8/10

USB 2.0 interface, no driver

Supply voltage, V +5 (from USB)

Body color white, champagne

Housing material impact resistant plastic

Multilingual menu 4 languages

CE certificate

Size, cm 17 x 11.5 x 7

Net weight, kg 0.15

Packing size, cm 20 x 22 x 8.8

Gross weight, kg 0.5


Application conditions:

Working temperature, ° С + 10 ... +40

Maximum working humidity,% 80

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