The device of vacuum cavitation LPV - 12

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The device of vacuum cavitation LPV - 12

The LPV - 12 Vacuum Cavitation Machine is an excellent tool for fast and safe lipolysis, which acts with double strength. The work of this tool is based on the use of physical effects to break down fat cells under the skin, lymphatic drainage and reduce the volume of the corresponding parts of the body. For this, a certain force of ultrasound and a vacuum massager are used. Two comprehensive technologies provide stimulation of lipolysis and effective elimination of decay products of fat cells using the lymphatic and circulatory systems.


The principle of operation of the LPV - 12 is based on a combination of the action of a cavitation apparatus and a vacuum massager. The first is able to penetrate deep into the tissues and stimulate the breakdown of fats from the inside. The second one acts as a powerful massager, stimulating the outflow of lipid breakdown products from the subcutaneous tissue into the lymphatic channel.

Cavitation is a natural physical effect that is considered completely harmless and is used in many areas of medical activity. Focusing ultrasonic energy, focusing with the help of maniples, purposefully affects a specific area of ​​the skin. The cavitation frequency is set using the input menu and corresponds to the most efficient and safe level. Energy passes harmlessly through the epidermis and dermis, does not damage the muscle layer and nearby bones.

Ultrasound waves create air bubbles in the fat cells, which gradually heat up and begin to move quickly. At the same time, the local temperature rises, the stage of emulsification of fats to acids occurs. Under such conditions, the pressure inside the fat cell increases and the products of lipolysis are displaced through the walls into the intercellular space. Some lipocytes break down, releasing fatty acids.

Ultrasound also stimulates the synthesis and functioning of the collagen dermal layer, which is responsible for the kind of “skeleton” of the skin. Thanks to these fibers, the surface of the body looks tightened and resilient. The synthesis of new elements of this ball increases the density of the dermis, smoothes fine wrinkles and improves the appearance. This eliminates the effect of the “orange peel”.

This device complements the effect of ultrasonic cavitation. Using these two technologies together, the effectiveness of lipolysis and lymphatic drainage increases several times. A special handle with a soft suction cup limits the area of ​​the skin. It is drawn in using a vacuum. Thus, a mechanical effect is carried out, which destroys the bonds between lipocytes, stimulates the excretion of fat breakdown products by the lymphatic system. Also, with the help of this massage, metabolism in this area of ​​the skin is activated, blood flow and regeneration are improved.

Apparatus structure

The device for vacuum-cavitation massage is quite simple to use. Even without special education, you can quickly understand the functions and main points in the work. In fact, a tool for vacuum cavitation consists of three main parts:

Body. Vacuum cavitation apparatus is quite simple to operate and maintain. Plastic coating makes it easy to keep clean. The LPV - 12 case takes up little space, so it can be placed even in the smallest cabinet. Management is carried out using a large color touch screen. An intuitive menu in English will help you easily configure the necessary parameters.

High-frequency focal manipulator. With its help, ultrasound energy is transmitted to the skin area. The surface of the manipulator is slightly curved, which allows you to capture a large area of ​​the fat layer and to ensure uniform exposure to cavitation waves.

Vacuum manipulator. With this tool, capture, vacuum massage of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is carried out. The structure of the manipulator has a recess with a suction hole. It is here that a skin site is drawn in and amenable to mechanical stress.


Procedure parameters can be entered using the touch screen. The menu of the device is intuitive and does not require special skills. For a successful session, you need to configure two aspects of the apparatus: cavitation and vacuum massage.

Ultrasound. First of all, the energy intensity indicator in J / cm2 is introduced. Then the suction time, release period and working interval in seconds are set. The beginning and end of the procedure can be marked with a special touch button at the bottom of the screen.

Vacuum. Vacuum massage parameters require the manual introduction of specific intervals in seconds for suction, release and working periods. Indicators are adjusted using the + and - buttons opposite each item.

In addition to these parameters, the touch screen allows you to turn the sound on and off. At the end of the work, disconnect the vacuum-cavitation massager from the power supply using the button on the back of the case.

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