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D-las 120The device of this type is a new generation laser hair removal device, thanks to which it becomes possible to act quickly and effectively on the hair follicles of the skin. Its use in modern beauty centers allow... Read more...

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D-las 120

The device of this type is a new generation laser hair removal device, thanks to which it becomes possible to act quickly and effectively on the hair follicles of the skin. Its use in modern beauty centers allows an almost painless treatment on the hair growth area, thus freeing them from their presence for a long period of time.


The operating principle of the device is based on fiber optic laser diodes that generate light rays. After passing through the matrix of microlenses, they are converted into a single-core multimode fiber that provides energy directly to the lens.

Thanks to the standard beam length of 808 nm, it penetrates directly into the depth of the follicle in the pigment cells. By selecting an option in the touch panel, you can adjust not only the power, but also the duration of the flash itself. As a result of the fact that melanocytes are able to absorb a large amount of light energy, excessive heating occurs in them. From this exposure to temperature, both the cells themselves and the hair follicles die, which then fall. The new bulbs reform only after 7-10 years.

The width of the manipulator point allows to capture the widest possible impact area, which considerably accelerates the process, but does not allow the dispersion of the light rays. The comfortable shape of the handle facilitates the procedure even in places that are difficult to access.

The presence of these innovative technologies guarantees high efficiency, long life and ease of maintenance.

Structure of the appliance

The design of the device is made with the prospect of use in stationary conditions. The device itself is made up of a small enclosure that contains sixteen diode lasers.

With their help, the light necessary for the destruction of melanin is generated. A color touch monitor with a multifunctional menu is fixed at the top, with its help you can choose individual parameters for each person.

The system has a Russian language panel. It represents the possibility to choose the client's gender, his skin color, as well as the area to which the treatment will be directed. Based on the characteristics entered, all technical parameters are automatically selected. The capacity of the device is designed to perform approximately 50,000,000 flashes.

The work manipulator is connected to the rest of the equipment with a flexible cable that facilitates movement and position near the required area. Outside, it is equipped with fall protection, resistant to chemical disinfection means. Its lightness, which was achieved by transferring the light generator into the block, allows cosmetologists to use the device throughout the working day without any difficulty.

The shape of the handle provides a uniform flow of energy that is clearly distributed over the hair growth area that is treated by the beautician. It also contains a cooling system based on the action of the sapphire and guarantees long-term use without signs of overheating of the equipment.

For the convenience and comfort of customers, the appliance is equipped with three types of cooling systems simultaneously. Their presence allows you to use the device to treat intimate areas of the body without causing pain, as well as use for sensitive skin.

Comparative characteristic


Vertical microchannel laser line

Vertical microchannel laser line

Diode laser with optical fiber

Heat flow


Very high


Probability of thermal damage




Operating temperature of the water in degrees

Up to 25

Up to 40

Up to 45

Probability of thickening

Very high

Very high


Possibility of repair


It is not subject


Maintenance needs

Filter / deionizer replacement every 3-6 months

Filter / deionizer replacement every 3-6 months

It does not require replacement of the filter / deionizer


10 to 15 million flashes

10 to 15 million flashes

50 million flashes

Indications for use of the D-las 120 laser

The device model presented is designed to perform its functions under the following conditions:

presence of a zone of hair growth that must be removed;

excessive hairiness in men and women;

pathological hair growth;

removal of hair on the body of different colors;

Contraindications to treatment

When using this device it is necessary to remember the possible harmful effects for some people. The following conditions can lead to the development of a pathological reaction to a laser action:

pregnancy and lactation period;

presence of burns, wounds and abrasions;

forms of diabetes not compensatedto you;

serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;

fresh tan that has no more than three days;

any oncological disease;

the last stages of hypertension;

presence of acute or chronic dermatological diseases;

acute and inflammatory infectious pathology;

blood clotting disorders or taking anticoagulants;

period of intake of substances that increase sensitivity to light rays (antibiotics of a certain number of fluoroquinolones and tetraceclines);

a state of weakened immunity due to the presence of HIV, AIDS or taking immunosuppressive drugs;

laser or face cleansing less than three months ago;

presence of varicose veins in the treatment area;

increase in general or local body temperature;

if a person has gray or very light hair that does not contain melanin.

Technical requirements of the diode laser device for epilation


Specific Light emitter Wavelength

Diode laser with 808 nm fiber optic

Laser power 640 W

Pulse width 5 ~ 600ms

Energy density 1 ~ 100J / cm2

Frequency 1 ~ 10 Hz

Spot size 10mm * 12mm

Screen Touch screen, 12.4 inches

Weight of the appliance 70 kg

Safety First class

General characteristics of lasers
Laser type diode
Wavelength, nm 808
Spot size, mm 10*12
Power, W 600
Frequency, Hz 1-10
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