The laser for the hair removal of OCTAVIAN-600 755/808/1064 nanometers

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The OCTAVIAN-600 755/808/1064 nm hair removal laser produced in Korea is one of the most promising devices in this class thanks to the most advanced technological solutions, as well as the use of components from the most famous and reliable equipment manufacturers. It consists of components made in Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan. Thus, diode emitters and main components are produced in Germany, elements made by Italian companies have been used in liquid cooling and water filtration systems, sapphire crystals are produced in the United States, and switching products are made in Japan. Given the high quality of the development and production of laser hair removal machines, we find ourselves with a modern, efficient, reliable device with excellent parameters and a long operating period.

The OCTAVIAN model will allow specialists to quickly, effectively and safely offer visitors to the salon one of the most popular services today - laser hair removal. This type of procedure is one of the manipulations, the success of which depends heavily on the quality of the equipment used. Using this laser, the specialist will be able to perform epilation on the face or body of blond hair on light skin just as easily, without effort it will remove dark and thick hair from the dark or very tanned epidermis. It can be removed in an equally effective way the "vegetation" in the armpits or in the bikini area. The device presented to the attention of cosmetologists has a series of features that make it one of the best models on the market, providing it with good demand and the best feedback from cosmetologists.

Distinctive features of OCTAVIAN-600 755/808/1064 nm

In addition to using the ruler with three types of radiation, the device also has other features that guarantee excellent speed, efficiency, safety and long life.

The most important characteristics are:

high level of safety, complete absence of pain for the customer thanks to the improvement of the cooling system of the skin;

high speed of procedures due to the high repetition frequency of bright flashes and specific energy density;

great maximum output power and an excellent set of adjustments that allow you to select the optimal settings for any session condition;

use of reliable emitters based on diode rows made in Germany in combination with a reliable and productive cooling system for all units and patient skin;

better heat removal from the emitters thanks to the golden emitters (heat sinks) provides more stable laser working conditions;

low noise level thanks to the use of a new design for Italian hydraulic pumps;

improved water filtration (double filter with water deionization and reverse osmosis technology) ensures that the equipment is operational all year round without the need to change the coolant;

long laser life and extended warranty period up to 10 million pulses;

multilingual sensorial control comfortable for the operator with the possibility of a step-by-step selection of the session conditions - the person's gender, the treatment area are selected in sequence, and therefore the parameters are tuned according to the specific conditions .

Thus, by using the OCTAVIAN-600 755/808/1064 nm laser for treatments, specialists, in the shortest possible time and in a comfortable way for customers, can perform all types of hair removal with the guarantee of stopping further growth of hair on treated areas. And this, in turn, will further increase the popularity of the show, help attract new customers and ensure steady profit growth.

If you are interested in further developing your business, the EMS Beauty company recommends opting for the OCTAVIAN-600 755/808 / 1064nm model and, by ordering to take advantage of the possibility of following a free course on the operation of the device. We believe that all specialists must have the opportunity to obtain all the skills they need to work, and therefore, for the convenience of our customers, we carry out training in two ways: in the training center or remotely, in the videoconferencing mode of Skype.

Main features of OCTAVIAN-600:

Wavelength, 755/808/1064 nm

Block emitter of 10 laser diodes

Power, W 600

Energy, J / cm2 1-160

Frequency, Hz 1-10

Pulse width, ms 5 - 400

Stitch size, mm 10 * 10, 12 * 12, 10 * 18, 12 * 20, optional - 15 * 27

Sapphire + TEC + semiconductor + water + air cooling

Crystal temperature, -5 ~ +5 ° C

AC power supply 220V / 110V 50 - 60 Hz

Display 8.4 "color touch screen

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