The laser for the hair removal of OCTAVIAN-800 755/808/1064 nanometers

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The OCTAVIAN-800 755/808/1064 nm laser produced in Korea and presented in the electronic catalog, is the example of one of the most reliable and convenient multifunctional devices for hair removal on the Italian cosmetic market.

Good functionality is provided both by the advanced technologies introduced by the designers and the creation of this model, and by the use of components from the most famous and reliable manufacturers. In the manufacture of the device, parts and finished parts made in Germany, USA, Japan, Italy were used. The most advanced blocks and design parts were used as a radiation source. Microchannel diode radiant units are manufactured in Germany, water filters and other parts of the liquid cooling system are manufactured by Italian companies, sapphire crystals are manufactured in the United States and switching parts are provided by Japan. This combination of advanced technological developments has made it possible to create a powerful hair removal device with a high level of reliability and safety, with a long duration, both for the individual nodes and for the entire appliance.

The OCTAVIAN-800 laser will help professionals quickly, efficiently and, above all, absolutely safe for visitors, to carry out such a popular procedure among customers of beauty salons such as laser hair removal. With its use, it is possible to remove any type of hair on the face and body, and the use of three ranges allows you to effectively and permanently epilate all skin types - from I to VI (according to Fitzpatrick). The light with a wavelength of 808 nm will allow to treat most types of hair, 755 ni waves and 1064 nm radiation will ensure effective epilation of very light and very dark hair on dark skin. In this way, a single device is able to cover the entire range of existing types of epilation. In addition, the long-wave radiation of 1064 nm and the output power of up to 800 W allow you to remove hair reliably in areas with deep follicles as quickly as possible.

To get a complete picture of the advantages and capabilities of the equipment, the list of design features that together provide this model a well-deserved recognition among cosmetologists and make it a market leader should be added to the list of device features.

Distinctive features of OCTAVIAN-800 755/808/1064 nm

The device has a rather long list of features and advantages compared to other models of hair removal equipment, so we will focus only on the main advantages of the OCTAVIAN-800, which provide high speed, reliability and long-term operation.

The main advantages are:

total absence of pain due to the excellent cooling of the surface of the epidermis;

high speed of the sessions thanks to the large useful area of ​​the emitter, the high repetition frequency of the pulses and the energy of the beam;

a long list of variable parameters and their adjustment over a wide range guarantee maximum efficiency and complete safety of the treatment;

the use of microchannel cooling diode blocks in the hoses and efficient cooling of the skin guarantee the absence of side effects in the form of burns or discomfort;

the microchannel cooling of the emitters has made it possible to extend the life of the hoses to a value of over 20 million impulses, with the guarantee period of the work of the hoses of 1 year (or 10,000,000 impulses);

low noise level thanks to the use of new Italian hydraulic pumps;

the water filtration systems allow to extend the period between the changes of the coolant up to a year;

low noise level thanks to the use of new hydraulic pumps;

convenient touch control and menu with sequential selection of modes: first the operator selects the client's gender, then the skin to be treated, then the parameters are adjusted for the specific client and his skin.

As a result of using the OCTAVIAN-800 755/808/1064 nm laser in daily practice, it is possible to serve as many customers as possible with minimal time while ensuring perfect quality of procedures. This will contribute to the growth in popularity and ensure a steady growth in profits, which is the basis for the further development of the cosmetic business. As you can see, it is worth opting for the OCTAVIAN-600 755/808 / 1064 nm laser if you are interested in further developing the business and improving the quality of services.

Main parameters of OCTAVIAN-600:

Radiation, 755/808/1064 nm

Type of emitter Row of 12 diodes

Power, W 800

Energy, J / cm2 1-160

Frequency, Hz 1-10

Duration of the impulse, ms 5 - 400

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