The set of disposable covers for massage tables

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Organizing the work of massage services, you must provide all the details, all the little things that create comfortable conditions for the customer, and for a masseur maximum comfort for work. A first-class set of disposable covers will help you. You can fasten a cover on the table by a single movement due to the presence of gum on the cover s perimeter. Moreover, you can remove it immediately along with pollution, after the massage.

After that, it will be enough to take a flannel cloth from fabric, that absorbs moisture due to the pile, and to wipe the surface of the massage table. Instant cleanliness! Again, you can take the next client. Saves time and effort. Moreover, the disposable covers do not require washing, but it is the direct cost savings for water, detergent and electricity. Therefore, buy a set of disposable covers for a massage table with a rubber band around the perimeter. 10 pieces per pack give a competitive advantage for the massage room.

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