The vacuum roller apparatus AS-M5

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While using the machine AS-M5 the skin becomes suppler, elastic, smooth, also the number and depth of wrinkles are reduced significantly.

The device allows to perform a soft subcutaneous tissue massage. You can use it for correcting of skin texture, body shape, increase muscle tone.

Correct massage helps to reduce cellulite deposits, split body fat and take it out of the body. The device allows you to work out areas of arms, buttocks and thighs. The impact of apparatus rollers on the subcutaneous layer of the skin activates the burning of fat.

Main technical parameters:

Maximum vacuum, mbar 0-800

Minimum vacuum, mbar 0 - 200

Vacuum switching frequency, Hz 0 - 5

Vacuum duration adjustment is

Timer setting, min. 1 - 60


AS-M5 device

Vacuum roller nozzles 2

Vacuum cans 3 pairs

Air flexible hoses

Power supply cords


Other parameters:

Indicators of the power supply 220 - 240V 50Hz

Power consumption, W 110

Dimensions of the device, cm 36 X 31 X 22

Dimensions in packing, cm 48.5 X 45 X 38.5

Weight, kg 4.3

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