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10 pieces per pack
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In order to reduce the costs of care for patients significantly, especially bedridden, disposable sheets are used widely. This linen (sheets, towels, covers, etc.) is available in rolls. This saves the cost of production and allows selling them at prices close to production costs. In particular, threaded sheet, 10 pieces per pack, is used to reduce the cost of medical procedures. In addition to medicine, they are used widely in the cosmetic industry, such as massage treatments; it is possible to close the massage table by them. In this case, cotton fabric absorbs well all liquids, oils and creams, which are used in cosmetic manipulations. A couch or a table will remain clean enough, and will not require any additional cleaning or disinfecting procedure. Therefore, these sheets are an indispensable attribute of services in beauty industry, facilitating the work of professionals.  

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