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The online store "EMS Beauty" is in a hurry to present to your attention a modern laser resurfacing apparatus - an ultra-pulsed fractional CO2 laser PENTAGON Grand. A feature of the equipment is four operating modes, one of which is intended for intimate rejuvenation.

Indications for use

The PENTAGON Grand laser is designed to perform the following manipulations:

smoothing of fine lines, facial and deep wrinkles;

smoothing scars, acne, scars, stretch marks;

correction of age spots of various nature;

restoration of reduced skin tone;

lifting saggy and sagging skin;

cleaning and narrowing of enlarged pores;

removal of benign neoplasms like warts, papillomas, nevi;

keratosis treatment;

restoration of the tone of the vaginal walls (intimate rejuvenation, return of sensitivity);

enuresis treatment.

The main difference between the PENTAGON Grand and traditional CO2 lasers is the rehabilitation period. After classical resurfacing, a person needed from 7 to 14 days to fully recover. With the use of the apparatus presented, downtime was reduced to 3-5 days.

The essence of technology

Pentagon Grand ultra-pulsed fractional CO2 laser is equipped with 4 operating modes: ultra-pulsed, fractional, continuous and special vaginal rejuvenation. During the use of the fractional nozzle, the doctor can adjust the radiation intensity, spot size, power, and the number of passes.

The presence of two vaginal nozzles makes it possible to solve many gynecological problems without the use of anesthesia or a subsequent rehabilitation period. So, the use of special maniples can reduce the volume of the vagina and labia, cure enuresis or restore female sexual functions.

The principle of operation of an ultra-pulsed laser is based on the transfer of energy into tissues through short bursts. This process heats the tissue, causing the evaporation of dead particles. At the same time, nearby tissues are not damaged, which contributes to faster healing of the skin, since inside it starts the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. Therefore, the effect of the procedure increases for several more months, and the result obtained lasts from one to two years. The effect of rejuvenation is achieved in several stages.

When the keratinous layer of the skin evaporates, the depth of wrinkles decreases. Subsequent heating of the tissues causes protein denaturation, that is, the destruction of old collagen fibers. And already the body's response to damage activates the production of fibroblasts, which makes the skin more youthful and healthy.

Device advantages

The PENTAGON Grand laser has several advantages:

The presence of two types of nozzles, which are mounted on a magnet, make the process more comfortable for a specialist.

The special design of the fractional manipulation simplifies the work of the cosmetologist and makes the treatment more pleasant for the patient.

The presence of a joystick on the manipulator allows you to change the processing parameters during the process, without being distracted by the display of the device.

The ultra-pulsed fractional rejuvenation regime reduces the time needed for recovery.

Using special maniples, you can perform intimate rejuvenation procedures.

No consumables are needed during the procedure. Unless with an increased sensitivity of the patient's body, an anesthetic gel is used.

The lens of the manipulator is always protected from overheating by continuous supply of air.

In addition, even a novice specialist can figure out a simple and intuitive interface.


It is forbidden to use the presented installation for such contraindications:

tendency to keloid scarring;

malignant neoplasms;

infectious diseases;

autoimmune diseases;

dermatological diseases;

inflammatory and purulent processes on the skin;

damage to the integrity of the skin;

chemical peeling carried out earlier than three months before grinding;

integrated pacemaker;

the presence of silicone or metal implants;

pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

This prohibition exists in order to protect the patient's health from serious complications, the appearance of which can provoke the manipulation in the presence of contraindications.

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