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The ultrasonic multifunction device AS-M3 offers a wide range of applications despite its compactness at the highest level. And as with all of our products, we have placed great emphasis on an excellent price-performance ratio.

The AS-M3 can be used for ultrasound peeling (skin scrubber), ultrasound phonophoresis and ultrasound micromassage and delivers outstanding results.

How does an ultrasound peel work?

With an ultrasound peeling, a high-quality peeling cream is first applied to the skin, which is then spread with a special ultrasound device and worked into the upper layer of the skin. The combination of ultrasonic vibrations and micromassage ensures a microcirculation during the treatment, in which the active ingredients get deep into the skin and this is also supplied with plenty of oxygen. In addition, the ultrasonic waves on the moist skin cause the formation of microscopic gas bubbles, which results in an increased cleaning effect. Dead skin cells are better removed and excess sebum is transported out of the pores more thoroughly. The ultrasonic peeling is mainly used for facial cleansing, but can also be used on other skin areas such as décolleté, neck and back as desired.

The result of the ultrasound peeling is a great result straight away

The result after an ultrasound peeling is a skin that has been deeply cleaned, which despite the intensive cleaning is not stressed but relaxed. This creates ideal conditions for subsequent treatments, because the skin is now perfectly prepared to absorb nutrients. The peeling result is clearly recognizable after one application, but does not last long. It is advisable to start with an ultrasound peeling every one to two weeks in order to reduce the time interval to suddenly every or every two months. In any case, it is advisable to ask the treating beautician and have an individual care program drawn up.

How does an ultrasound peel feel?

Cleaning the skin with an ultrasound peel is completely painless and free of unpleasant side effects. Only in rare cases and especially with very sensitive skin, isolated areas of the skin may show slight redness. Generally you can feel a slight tingling sensation during the treatment. Since the skin is freed of all impurities after peeling, it should then be protected from direct sunlight.


In (ultrasound) phonophoresis, a coupling drug such as Voltaren, Emulgel, Mobilat-Gel etc. are used as contact medium and so the medication is transported into the tissue or under the skin using ultrasound. With this method, the penetration depth of the drug depends on the time factor and the frequency and less on the intensity. Ultrasound therapy can also be combined well with direct current or some stimulation current procedures, which can further increase the effectiveness. With indirect sound, the body part to be treated is in a water bath. The water is the connecting medium.

Micromassage uses ultrasonic waves with different and rapidly changing frequencies. This makes it possible to achieve a strong local massage (= increase in tissue pressure). Dormant connective tissue cells are activated and stimulated to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Immediately after the treatment you can feel an effect that is similar to that after a massage. The skin immediately feels softer, fuller, more pleasant overall. In the long term, new connective tissue will be produced and volume built up. This effectively and effectively reduces wrinkles. But this therapy can also be used successfully in the treatment of scars or acne.

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