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The use of ultrasound in cosmetology has been a very long and very successful history. Particularly successful this treatment method for cleaning the delicate facial skin, neck and décolleté in the field (ultrasonic peeling) as well as for massage (ultrasonic micro massage) is used.

Ultrasonic frequencies are inaudible to the human ear. The vibrator head sound waves are of one million cycles per second erzeugt.1 Hertz is the frequency of one cycle per second. In cosmetics, working at a frequency of 1 MHz and 3 MHz for the body for the face. Due to the fine vibration of the sound waves, the cell spaces in the skin are expanded, the metabolism is stimulated, there is an increased transdermal permeability, therefore the penetration of active substances into the skin is promoted. The vibrations penetrate deep (3-5cm) in the skin and tissues, where they act massaging, regenerating, firming and detoxifying.

By micro-massage of the ultrasonic vibration results in a slight deep heat in the tissue, which is a pleasant well-being triggers for most customers, the vessels dilate and blood flow to the skin increases, stimulated the lymphatic flow and promote the metabolism and detoxification of the skin, Deposited metabolites are better derived from the tissue, the muscles will also soothes and relaxes. This regeneration processes can be excited and seborrhea be facilitated. The skin looks visibly fresher and clearer. The skin can better absorb moisture and active ingredients and is thereby supplied plumper and with more nutrients. The production of elastin and collagen fibers in the connective tissue is stimulated, whereby the elasticity and tensile strength of the skin is improved .Daraus results in a higher clamping force, the connective tissue is strengthened, wrinkles are reduced and cellulite can be counteracted. The skin is tightened and revitalized. Hardening and scarring can be reduced and the overall skin texture can be improved.

Ultrasonic micro massage supports the self-healing processes in the body and gives pain relief. Especially in muscle and tendon disorders found ultrasonic its use. Through its mechanical action may lead to a pleasant feeling of warmth during use, this is done through a contact gel, which guarantees optimal sound transmission. The depth of penetration is affected by the sound waves (which is lower than the electrical therapy is effective).

The following skin problems can be treated with ultrasound: Impure skin, tired skin, wrinkles, atrophic skin, scars, cellulite, rosacea (redness, enlarged blood vessels on the face), pigmented lesions, connective tissue, stretch marks, muscle tension, scar treatment.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Professionally LPR 814 is particularly suitable for ultrasonic peeling and the ultrasonic micro massage.

In an ultrasonic peeling a quality scrub cream is first applied to the skin, which is then distributed to the device and incorporated into the upper skin layer. The combination of ultrasonic vibrations and micro-massage makes during treatment for a microcirculation, where the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and it is also supplied with plenty of oxygen. In addition, the ultrasonic waves cause on wet skin, the formation of microscopically small gas bubbles, resulting in an enhanced cleaning effect is apparent. Dead skin cells are removed and excess sebum better transported thoroughly out of the pores The ultrasonic peeling is mainly used for facial cleansing for use, but can be used at will on other skin areas such as décolleté, neck and back.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Professionally LPR 814 is equipped for the scrub and massage with a manual manipulator with ultrasonic attachment and a convenient foot pedal. The unit has sixteen Work Programmes and three phases of the therapeutic treatment. This increases the functionality and the application range of the unit considerably and ensures superior cosmetic results.

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