Apparatus for electroporation and ultrasound therapy AS-D4

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Ultrasound treatments have been developed for medicine and are increasingly used in cosmetic and therapeutic areas.Ultrasonic frequencies are not audible to the human ear. The vibrating head generates sound waves of one ... Read more...

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Ultrasound treatments have been developed for medicine and are increasingly used in cosmetic and therapeutic areas.

Ultrasonic frequencies are not audible to the human ear. The vibrating head generates sound waves of one million vibrations per second. 1 Hertz is the frequency of one vibration per second. Cosmetics work with a frequency of 1 MHz for the body and 3 MHz for the face. Due to the fine vibration of the sound waves, the cell gaps in the skin are expanded, the metabolism is stimulated, and there is increased transdermal permeability, thus promoting the penetration of active substances into the skin. The vibrations penetrate deeply (3-5cm) into the skin and tissue, where they have a massaging, regenerating, firming and detoxifying effect.

The micro massage of the ultrasonic vibration creates a slight deep heat in the tissue, which triggers a pleasant feeling of well-being for most customers, the vessels expand and the blood flow to the skin is increased, the lymphatic flow is stimulated and the metabolism and detoxification of the skin are promoted, deposited metabolic products become better derived from the tissue, the muscles are also calmed and relaxed. This can stimulate regeneration processes and facilitate the sebum flow. The skin looks visibly fresher and clearer. The skin can better absorb moisture and active ingredients and is therefore plumper and supplied with more nutrients. The production of elastin and collagen fibers in the connective tissue is stimulated, which improves the elasticity and tensile strength of the skin, resulting in a higher elasticity, the connective tissue is strengthened, wrinkles are reduced and cellulite can be counteracted. The skin is tightened and revitalized. Hardening and scarring can be reduced and the entire skin structure improved.

The following skin problems can be treated with ultrasound: Impure skin, tired skin, wrinkles, athrophic skin, scars, cellulite, couperose (reddening, enlarged vessels on the face), pigment spots, weak connective tissue, stretch marks, muscle tension, scar treatment.


The ultrasound device AS-D4 allows several complex ultrasound treatment methods:

- Ultrasound peeling

- Ultrasound phonophoresis

- Ultrasound micro massage

With an ultrasound peeling, a high-quality peeling cream is first applied to the skin, which is then distributed with the device and worked into the upper skin layer. The combination of ultrasonic vibrations and micromassage ensures a microcirculation during the treatment, in which the active ingredients get deep into the skin and this is also supplied with plenty of oxygen. In addition, the ultrasonic waves on the moist skin cause the formation of microscopic gas bubbles, which results in an increased cleaning effect. Dead skin cells are better removed and excess sebum is transported more thoroughly out of the pores. The ultrasound peeling is mainly used for facial cleansing, but can also be used on other skin areas such as décolleté, neck and back as desired.

Ultrasound phonophoresis is when an ointment with a medicinal effect is used instead of the gel, which is worked into the tissue deeply by the ultrasound.

Ultrasound micromassage supports the self-healing processes in the body and brings pain relief. Ultrasound is particularly useful for muscle and tendon complaints. Due to its mechanical effect, a pleasant feeling of warmth can occur during use, this is done via a contact gel, which ensures optimal sound transmission. The depth of penetration is influenced by the sound waves (which works deeper than electrotherapy).

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