UMS-HF2 (Vaginal HIFU + Fasial HIFU)

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By acting on the body with high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), various results can be achieved, which will depend on the intensity of the vibrations and the depth of penetration of the ultrasound into the tissue. The UMS-HF2 device uses two ultrasonic effects based on the conversion of the energy of mechanical vibrations into thermal energy.

For lifting and tissue rejuvenation, short-term (0.1s) ultrasonic heating of a small area to 65 ° C is used. Such intense HIFU irradiation leads to a reduction in the length of collagen fibers and their subsequent recombination. In this case, tissue tightening, stimulation of muscle fibers, the elimination of wrinkles on the face and body are carried out without the use of cosmetic or medical means.

Vaginal tightening is performed using high intensity focused ultrasound. A special manipulator directs ultrasonic waves to different parts of the vaginal walls and creates collagen recombination points in them at the required depth, which further contribute to the normalization of the surface condition and functions of the mucous membrane. Treatment takes place without tissue damage and carries no risk of infection.

After treatment is achieved:

elimination of the effects of vaginal relaxation;

strengthening the walls of the vagina, contributing to the improvement of sexual life;

improving secretory function and eliminates vaginal dryness;

increased local sensitivity as a result of tissue regeneration;

reduction of pathogenic microflora.

Lifting, smoothing wrinkles and skin rejuvenation occurs under the influence of ultrasound, which focuses in tissues at a strictly defined depth. The device is equipped with three nozzles, providing a different depth of penetration of high-intensity ultrasound into the skin. The procedure is non-invasive, completely painless and provides a long-lasting effect. The results become noticeable after the first session, but the effect increases for 2-3 months after the end of the course. Unlike other types of lifting and rejuvenation, the HIFU procedure works equally well in people with different colors and skin types, does not require the use of medications and provides a very long lasting anti-aging effect.

When removing fat deposits, the mechanism of destruction of cell membranes under the action of ultrasound is used.

Removal of the fat layer occurs when the subcutaneous tissue is heated by ultrasonic waves to a depth of 13 mm. Under the influence of HIFU, adipocyte membranes are destroyed, and their contents are excreted with lymph flow, as a result of which the manifestations of cellulite are simultaneously eliminated and effective lymphatic drainage occurs. The technique allows you to remove fat on the abdomen and hips, to simulate the contours of the body. However, there is no damage to the surface of the skin, blood vessels and nerve fibers.

Key Features of UMS-HF2

Face and body treatment / vaginal treatment

Energy, J 1.5 ~ 3.0

Vaginal cartridges 3.0 mm and 4.5 mm

Cartridges for the face, mm 1,5; 3.0; 4,5

Resource cartridge, pulses 10000

15-inch touch screen LCD

Supply voltage 100-240V 50Hz / 60Hz

Power, W 100

Case Material ABS

CE certification

Shipping Weight 19 kg

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