UMS-HF4 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine

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The device for rejuvenating and tightening the skin using the HIFU ultrasound technique is a small-sized device for carrying out procedures in the conditions of cosmetology salons or at home at clients.

HIFU technique and its capabilities

The abbreviation HIFU in the name of the technique stands for "high-intensity focused ultrasound" and implies that the procedures are performed using ultrasonic vibrations that focus in the tissues at a strictly defined depth. This allows you to provide the most effective effect (tissue heating) directly at the focal point, without affecting the higher and lower layers. Ultrasonic vibrations penetrate the cells to the SMAS level - the superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (superficial muscular aponeurotic structure), which includes the collagen and elastin connective fibers and the facial muscle layer. This structure is a framework supporting the tissues lying above it and forming the contours of various parts of the face and body.

By treating the SMAS layer with ultrasound, cosmetologists manage to induce the recombination of the protein skin skeleton with the shortening of old, degraded fibers and stimulating the growth of new structures due to intensive heating of collagen fibers. As a result, there is a derma lift, smoothing even deep wrinkles, tissue renewal and general tissue rejuvenation. Using HIFU, it is possible to correct facial contours and eliminate soft tissue ptoses (cheeks, eyebrows, chin), remove the second chin and restore sagging skin, and correct the omission of the corners of the eyes and lips.

The most important feature of the HIFU technique is that the beneficial effect of its application is based on the use of the body's own resources and does not require any additional drugs to achieve optimal results. In addition, when using HIFU, unlike laser and intense light techniques, the therapeutic effect does not depend on the color or shade of human skin.

Features and Applications of UMS-HF4

The technique using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) provides a large list of corrective and anti-aging procedures, which led to the wide scope of the UMS-HF4 model.

The UMS-HF4 high-intensity focused ultrasound device effectively performs the following functions:

skin rejuvenation and strengthening;

elimination of wrinkles and wrinkles in the forehead, lips, nose;

facelift and formation (restoration) of facial contours;

elimination of a double chin;

eye line correction;

smoothing wrinkles around the eyes;

elimination of bags under the eyes;

systemic anti-aging therapy with skin tightening on the trunk, waist and hips;

elimination of postpartum stretch marks (striae).

Advantages of the UMS-HF4 Model

Since the UMS-HF4 is designed for use in stationary conditions and “on the road”, its main advantage is compactness and low weight.

In addition to these properties, the advantages of the model are:

the use of ultrasonic manipulators (pens) with a set of session control buttons and mode indicators;

a set of ultrasonic cartridges that allow you to process tissue at a depth of 1.5 ... 4.5 mm;

the ability to quickly and easily replace cartridges to change the depth of exposure to ultrasound;

security of the manipulator and controls during transportation and storage, since a lockable compartment for the manipulator is provided in the housing, and the touch screen for controlling the device is located on the inside of the compartment cover;

long service life of cartridges;

profitability of the device;

ergonomic design of the device and a simple menu for managing work;

long term of operation and warranty service.


Used technology intensive focused ultrasound

Functions skin rejuvenation, elimination of wrinkles around the eyes, facelift

Frequency, MHz 7

Radiation energy, J 1 ... 5

Number of cartridges 3

Depth of processing, mm 1,5; 3.0; 4,5

Resource cartridges, pulses 10000

Supply voltage ~ 220V, 50Hz / ~ 110V, 60Hz

Maximum power consumption, W 36

2A / 5A Fuse Rating

Certification CE, ISO, CE, ISO13485

Dimensions, mm 280x230x120

The sizes in packing, mm 330х260х130

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