UMS-T41 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Unit

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The HIFU device, a high-intensity focused ultrasound, is designed for non-invasive SMAS lifting (exposure to collagen in tissues that cover the facial muscles with ultrasonic waves) and a number of other corrective and anti-aging procedures. The device is assembled in a compact case with a rotary (reclining) screen and has a small weight, which will allow you to install it not only on a special stand (bedside table), but also on any table or cosmetic trolley. The UMS-T41 device uses new software with advanced mode control functions - you can use the on-screen menu to change the distance between the exposure points, the total length of the exposure line and the pulse energy. All information about the condition of the skin, the established modes and the progress of the procedures is displayed on a large touch screen, from which you can control all the functions of the device and control the execution of the procedure.

Interchangeable heads with an increased service life, designed for 10,000 shots. It is possible to order cartridges that generate radiation with different depths of penetration of ultrasound into the tissue. This allows you to perform correction of facial contours, lifting, tightening sagging skin, reduce the depth of wrinkles, remove acne and narrow pores of the skin. Performing SMAS lifting stops the age-related changes in the skin and significantly improves its condition, but such procedures are performed for people over 30-35 years old.

Characteristics of the UMS-T41

Energy Type HIFU

Pulse energy, J 1-20 (step change in energy 1.0 J)


(frequency and depth of penetration)

4 MHz 4.5 mm

4 MHz 3.0 mm

4 MHz 1.5 mm

4 MHz 8.0 mm

4 MHz 13.0 mm

Temperature in the zone of influence, ° C 60-70

The length of the line of impact, mm 5-25 (5 positions)

Cartridge resource (number of pulses) 10 000

14 "touch screen

Parameters of the electric network 110-240V 50 / 60Hz

Power, W 150

The size of the device, cm 42x42x50

Weight, kg 25

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