UNIT-IPL Photoepilation 4 1 ESTI-140C

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Features Laser

The length of the light wave - 755/1064 nm

Cooling System - Air, semiconductor, water

Spot diameter - 15*50 mm

Frequency - 6 Hz

Dimensions - 60 x 62 x 112 cm

Dimensions with packing 69 x 70 x 127 cm

2000 Watt

The frequency - 50-60 Hz

Voltage - 110/220

Weight - 59 kg



The device ELOS-epilation hair removal, RF-lifting, removal of tattoos ESTI - 140s -

Star among medical devices for SPA-salons, cosmetology centers: The unit ESTI - 140s. It allows you to meet the most popular needs of patients, which puts cosmetics business to a new level. This device is integrated intelligent multi-functional system E-light 4S with a versatile solid-state laser with a wave Micropulse exposure to 755nm / E Light and ND YAG - radiation in the 1064 nm, and RF / radio frequency - HF elektroizlucheniem,

As a result of thermal treatment of medical laser hair follicles, combining the impact of micro-electricity, bulbs 100% lose their ability to be updated again. Moreover, due to wavelength laser "strikes female" only follicles without affecting skin cells. And increasing wavelength, ND YAG laser is able to remove tattoos, tattoo ink discoloring, destroying the structure of its temperature. In addition to this exposure, the unit ESTI - 140s can carry and RF-lifting, which is due to RF heating of the epidermis to forty degrees, partially denatured collagen and increases the density of the epidermis - that smoothes the skin. Also run the epidermis regeneration opportunities that lead to its

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