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The multifunctional device BLUE RF combines three modern and very popular cosmetic treatment methods. Vacuum therapy, radio frequency lifting and photon treatment in the 440-485 nm spectral range.

We would like to take a closer look at photon treatment and radio frequency (RF) lifting.

Whole-body photon therapy is a procedure for cell stimulation, immune modulation, hormone regulation and harmonization of the body and mind. Light is life! Life would not be possible without light and the positive effect e.g. Everyone knows about the sunlight on our well-being. But how far the meaning of light really goes for humans can only be guessed at since bio-physics has been able to prove that light is present in every cell of our body. If cells are injured, the intensity of this light diminishes. However, if the injured and weakened cells are supplied with light in the form of photons, they are stimulated to regenerate. The BLURF uses this healing power of light for the biological stimulation of the cells and for the harmonization of hormone production. The light photons produced by the device are absorbed by the skin, multiplied and distributed "chaotically" in the body. They reach the brain via the branches of the nervous system. Here they have a regulating effect on the production of hormones such as Endorphins and cortisol. We find endorphins in many areas of our body. The so-called "happiness hormones" are jointly responsible for numerous bodily functions, for example for pain relief and our general well-being. Endorphins control the body's stress reactions, as well as the cardiovascular system, digestion, breathing and heat regulation. Patients with chronic pain have been found to have low levels of endorphin in the brain fluid. With photon therapy, the endorphin level can be raised and the pain relieved. As you know today, serotonin is a natural appetite suppressant. The stimulation of serotonin harmonization is therefore - in connection with a change in diet for weight loss - a natural way to lose weight. Evidence of the success of treatment with photon therapy is now available from: Neurodermatitis, among others. Skin diseases, hyperactivity in children, sleep disorders, vegetative disorders, depression, hormone deficiency / excess, pain, high blood pressure, burns. Therapy with the BLURF works via the vegetative nervous system, which controls all the unconscious functions of our body. It can contribute significantly to the strengthening of the immune system and can positively influence many diseases.

The use of radio frequency is currently the most modern therapeutic procedure for skin tightening and against cellulite. Over time, the skin loses elasticity and firmness, wrinkles appear. In addition to genetics and hormones, this process is also influenced by environmental factors such as UV radiation or nicotine. The collagen fibers in the skin are damaged and partially lose their ability to regenerate. The regeneration of collagen can be stimulated again by radio frequency treatment. Radio frequency therapies are painless and quickly lead to smooth skin on the hips, legs and buttocks. In several sessions during the outpatient anti-cellulite treatment, a specially shaped hand-held device is placed on the areas affected by cellulite, which emits low and high-frequency current into the subcutaneous tissue. Radiofrequency therapy has already been used successfully in the treatment of varicose veins and snoring, but the studies on its effects in anti-cellulite therapy are still ongoing. The treatment with the radio frequencies used does not cause pain, but a slight warmth can be felt on the skin. The radio frequency device has two poles and can be set to different wattages. The waves heat the skin in depth, so that the subcutis gets up to 44 hot. This destroys the collagen, which is responsible for firming the skin and aged and sagging in the case of cellulite. As a result, the connective tissue becomes inflamed, the body produces new collagen, and the skin tightens again. The blood circulation in the tissue is stimulated, which promotes the removal of deposited substances and slag. As a result, the skin looks fresher after the treatment. Weight loss during radio frequency therapy is also not uncommon, as the fat cells are injured by the waves and shrink. Radio frequency sends deep heat to the collagen fibers. The gentle vibrations are used against local wrinkles, hanging corners of the mouth, rings under the eyes, deep forehead wrinkles, brittle skin structures, double chin or to beautify the cleavage.

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