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The work of the EMS-89 is based on the synergy of four core technologies, which allows achieving better results in a relatively short time. This cosmetic device is used to provide professional services for liposuction and lymphatic drainage. In addition, EMS-89 is a vacuum-roller apparatus, the session on which allows you to get not only a high-quality cosmetic procedure, but also an excellent massage. Therefore, the use of this device will always be an occasion to relax and have fun.

Apparatus structure

In fact, the cosmetology apparatus consists of a large stationary building, which, in fact, generates all the impact technologies. It is covered with white disinfectant-resistant plastic. Management is done using a large color touch screen.

The menu of the device is designed as a small butterfly. With it, you can adjust almost all the parameters of the procedure. This allows you to select individual indicators in each case, depending on the individual characteristics of the person.

Menu EMS-89:

The choice of the manipulator. Using the touch screen, you can determine the desired manipulation for work. The device can automatically select the connected one if it is one.

Clock. For convenience in use, a digital clock is displayed to indicate the duration of the procedure, if necessary.

Visualization. Also on the display are animated images that suggest the direction of movement of the manipulators for a quality procedure. Near them are two small buttons that you can turn off and turn on this animation.

Time. In addition to the clock, the display can set the procedure timer on the manipulator. The indicator is regulated by two touch buttons + and -.

Vacuum. You can adjust the strength of the vacuum device with which the device can act on the skin. Depending on the thickness of the subcutaneous cellulite, the vacuum level, the duration of one capture and the force with which the air is drawn are selected. Thus, you can customize the procedure for individual characteristics and the desire of the client.

Laser infrared radiation. The device allows you to adjust the wavelength for a cosmetology laser. With the help of this indicator, the depth of the apparatus is regulated. It must be determined depending on the thickness of body fat.

Radio waves. The technology of bipolar RF rays allows targeted action on lipocytes. On the touch screen, you can configure the action parameters of this technology.

The principle of operation of the apparatus

The synergy of several basic technologies that are used in cosmetology today allows achieving maximum effectiveness in the fight against cellulite on the EMS-89 device. Due to the low-frequency infrared radiation, the laser heats the skin. The adjustable wavelength determines the depth at which the device acts. Thus, the skin warmed up to a certain temperature more easily transmits other radiation and is influenced by the vacuum-roller apparatus.

Bipolar RF energy acts on lipocyte membranes, as well as on intercellular connections. Fat cells split together and gradually dissolve, releasing triglycerides and fatty acids into the intercellular space.

Using a vacuum, the device provides a mechanical effect on the subcutaneous fat deposits. By intensively massaging a certain problem area of ​​the skin, it is possible to increase elasticity and tone. In addition, the contouring of the figure is provided.


The action of the device is transmitted to the skin using special nozzles. The choice of a particular one is determined by the cosmetologist, according to the instructions. At the beginning of the session, the connected maniples and body parts on which they are used are displayed. This provides simplicity and ease of operation of the apparatus.

Big manipulator number 1. This nozzle is designed to treat the skin of the buttocks, abdomen, hips. The exposure area is 40 mm by 60 mm. It is equipped with an LED display on which all operating information is displayed, which allows you to monitor the parameters on the spot. Display diagonal of 2.4 inches.

Manipulator number 2. It is a fairly large nozzle, which is used to treat the skin of the legs, hands and other areas of the skin. The exposure area is 30 mm by 50 mm. Also equipped with a display, but smaller. The diagonal is 1.9 inches.

Manipulator number 3. Enough aiming nozzle on the device, which provides the processing of a small area of ​​the skin - 8 mm by 25 mm. It is used to treat the skin of the neckline, neck and other sensitive small areas.

Manipulator number 4. The smallest nozzle, which is used to influence the most sensitive and delicate areas. Deprived of a vacuum and roller massager for a softer effect. The manipulator covers an area of ​​4 mm by 7 mm, therefore it is used to treat the skin of the eyelids and areas under the eyes. The appearance is improved and the natural color of the skin is restored.

Effects of the procedure

Improving the appearance of the skin;

Increased elasticity and tone of the skin;

Skin tightening;

Recovery of body contours after pregnancy;

Body weight reduction;

Removal of local body fat;

Improving well-being and muscle relaxation under the influence of massage.


There are a number of conditions in which the procedure should be postponed to a more favorable time or not at all. This must be taken into account when appointing a course of sessions and adhered to to avoid negative consequences and undesirable results.

The presence of a pacemaker. This device can respond to laser and RF radiation, changing the parameters of its work. This negatively affects the state of the cardiovascular system.

Metal. The presence of metal knitting needles, rings or plates on the skin that is being processed or under it is a contraindication to the use of EMS-89. The metal heats up easily under the influence of infrared radiation and can damage nearby tissues.

Dermatological diseases and burns. Naturally, in the presence of pustular and other diseases of the skin, the apparatus cannot be used.

Pregnancy. It is forbidden to use the device EMS-89 while carrying a child. Any trauma from the outside, including laser and RF energy, can pose a threat to the baby’s life and health, so the procedure should not be performed during this period. This rule also applies during breastfeeding.

Hypersensitive skin. This skin type is very rare, but still limits its owners in choosing cosmetic procedures. Do not treat the skin with the device in the presence of hypersensitive skin.

Menstruation. It is a relative indication. That is, it is undesirable to carry out the procedure during menstruation. It is recommended to transfer it to another period.

The EMS-89 vacuum roller apparatus is quite in demand in cosmetology, as it is a combination of several unique technologies in one apparatus. You can buy this device on the site. At the same time, training and a certificate for working on this lpg - device are provided for free.





1) Main module display: 12 ″ TFT, color touch

2) Displays of nozzles:

Manipulation 1: LED, 2.4 ″

Manipulation 2: LED, 1.9 ″

Work mode


Pulse Duration: 0.5s-7.5s

Negative pressure

Absolute value:

90kPa 5kPa (

Relative value

10kPa -75kPa (7.6mm Hg - 57mm Hg);

Roller Speed

0-36 min-1

Movie mode

2 types

security check


RF frequency

1 MHz

RF bulk energy density

Maximum: 60 J / cm3

IR laser, wavelength


IR laser power

20 W (maximum)

Number of manipulations

4 (auto detection of connected maniples)

Treatment Area

4x7mm / 8x25mm / 30x50mm / 40x60mm

Management system

Using contactless magnetic cards

Power consumption


Power Supply Parameters

Mains 230V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1Hz /

Mains 110V ± 10%, 60Hz ± 1Hz (Optional)

Net weight


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