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Tandome-solarium is created by German designers, specialists in the application of the latest technologies in cosmetology. The line is incredibly popular among customers of salons - connoisseurs of gold off-season tan. Customers prefer vertical pattern relative to the horizontal. Many of them like, that they do not have lay down with bare skin right on the lamp. Tan lie smoothly and fast in a vertical solarium. It is better ventilation, and you can even dance during the procedure.

Features of modern model Tandome II 200:

- In the manufacture of the renewed turbo solarium, durable sun-yellow plastic is used, and the inner surface is equipped with two mirrors (on the floor and the ceiling) .This innovation provides beams penetration in remote areas of the body;

- Increased number of lamps: in Tandome-solarium II 200W there are 54 pc. (18 per slot) at a power of 200 W;

- Acrylic glass provides optimal protection;

- Ventilation is carried out by the axial principle;

- Integrated turbo-cooling system, electronic timer, the device records the lamp, the MP3 player and the system exhaust hot air. Unit is operated by remote control.

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