D-LAS 35 diode laser for hair removal and rejuvenation

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The European Medical System Italia online shop presents the D-LAS 35 compact diode laser. The device is designed for rapid and painless laser hair removal, as well as for the correction of numerous skin defects.Indicatio... Read more...

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The European Medical System Italia online shop presents the D-LAS 35 compact diode laser. The device is designed for rapid and painless laser hair removal, as well as for the correction of numerous skin defects.

Indications for use

The presented D-LAS 35 laser was designed to perform such manipulations:

removal of unwanted vegetation on any part of the body;

reduction of excessive hair growth;

elimination of the problem of ingrown hair;

folliculitis treatment;

elimination of irritation after shaving;

elimination of allergies to depilatory creams;

correction of pigment spots;

vascular lesion treatment;

sanding fine lines.

The high efficiency of the device allows to perform procedures on all skin phototypes without pain or negative reactions.

The essence of technology

The D-LAS 35 system is a stationary compact diode laser that generates radiation with a length of 810 nm. This unit effectively takes care of unwanted hair in any part of the body, even inaccessible. Its operating principle is based on selective photothermolysis. That is, the laser energy targets the melanin pigment concentrated in the hair follicles, heating it to the stage of destruction: when the pigment is destroyed, the bulb dies, after which it is no longer able to produce new hair growth. But how is it that the laser affects the pigment and can be used on all skin phototypes? Due to the sapphire tip, which cools the skin during processing, there is no fear of overheating of the fabrics and the appearance of burns on them.

Despite the effectiveness of the laser, in order to obtain a truly lasting result from its use, the patient will have to undergo a cycle of procedures. They can vary from 3 to 8, depending on the area of ​​epilation, the size, the structure of the hair, the type of skin and the individual characteristics of the organism. This is due to the fact that the laser is able to treat only hair that actively grows, and since there are no more than 30% of them on the body, a course of procedures and intervals between them is prescribed. But the resulting effect persists for 5-6 years, and during this period, a person, one can be sure, will forget how to hold a razor in his hand.

Distinctive advantages

The advantageous features of the D-LAS 35 laser are:

Versatility. It is possible to apply on all skin types, treat any type of hair and epilation at any time of the year. In addition to hair removal, a number of anti-aging and corrective procedures can be performed.

Effectiveness of the effect. The efficiency and safety of the laser are confirmed by clinical studies.

Painless. Thanks to the sapphire tip, the patient can forget about painful sensations. All he will feel will be heat or a slight tingling.

And the compact size of the system doesn't take up much space in the room.

Contraindications to consider

It is strictly forbidden to use the device for such contraindications:

period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;

endocrine pathology systems;

infectious diseases;

cardiovascular diseases;

oncological processes in the body;

malignant neoplasms;

mental illness;

mechanical trauma of the skin;

dermatological inflammatory diseases;

varicose diseases;

the presence of metal prostheses.

Laser hair removal, if there is at least one contraindication, can have serious negative consequences for the patient.

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Technical Features:


Diode laser

Device type

compact stationary


810 nm

Spot size

9x9 or 10x12 mm optional

Pulse width

80-200 ms

Pulse frequency

1-10 Hz

Energy density </ td>

5-50 J / cm2


350 W


22 kg


50x35x25 cm


1 years

General characteristics of lasers
Weight, kg 22
Dimensions, cm 50x35x25
Wavelength, nm 810
Spot size, mm 9*9
Power, W 350
Frequency, Hz 1-10
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