Spa and massage equipment

Massage tables, spa couches, massage chairs and massagers - all this and much more is available in our store.

Hairdressing equipment

A wide range of equipment for hairdressers - hairdressing chairs, sinks, chairs-sink.

________    Video tutorial for devices    ________

For all devices, purchased from us, we perform free training via Skype.


For our customers, we perform online seminars. You do not have to go to another city to be aware of all the news.

Video tutorial

For all devices, video instructions are attached! A qualified doctor will tell you about all the nuances of working with the machine.

________    Warranty service for equipment    ________

Our company provides warranty service for equipment.

During a purchase, the buyer will receive a receipt with the stamp and the obligations under the guarantee. Please, refer to the warranty card and keep it until the end of the warranty period.

Each of us wants to be beautiful and attractive, but for this it is necessary for each person to care for face and body regularly. Beauty salons are very popular nowadays and are enjoying an ever increasing demand, the services offered were greatly expanded and greatly improved the methods used and devices. The cosmetics industry recorded very great success, particularly due to the wide range of ultra-modern and highly efficient cosmetic devices and the application of highly efficient technologies and procedures in recent years.

The company "EMS - European Medical Systems" offers top-quality, cutting-edge equipment for beauty salons

The number of beauty salons grew over the last years rapidly increasing. In these salons the necessary ultra-modern equipment is available and there the vast majority of cosmetology treatments are offered as services. With only one goal: to give people beauty and wellbeing. A visit to the beauty salon has become for many modern and beauty conscious people into a real feast. Here you can relax and unwind, get positive emotions through the procedures and come back feel nice and relaxed. Every modern and recognized beauty salon must secure for its customers, highly efficient and cutting-edge cosmetic device available and these keep on the cutting edge of technology nowadays. To learn more about these devices and to acquire the appropriate equipment has never been so easy and fast as today.
To make the right choices from the huge range of modern cosmetic equipment in terms of quality, safety and efficiency is nowadays not easy. For this reason, we present on our site only those modern cosmetic device that really deserve your attention for several reasons also. Such reasons include:
· Large multifunctionality;
· Easy to use, user-friendliness
· High equipment safety;
· High level of comfort;
· Excellent quality (excellent price / performance ratio);
· Long service life.
If you choose the cosmetics for your beauty salon equipment with us and order, so you can be completely at ease in terms of quality, functionality and operation. The purchased products will be with us you do not cause problems and you will never be disappointed with your choice. We lay in the choice of our suppliers and the products offered for sale to the highest diligence day and make the highest demands, with us no products of dubious quality or limited functionality offered.
For optimum and stylish interior of a beauty salon are also required appropriate furniture and accessories. The interior of a drawing room can contribute much to the welfare of your customers and employees. Setting up a salon harmonious, but is an art in itself. The red lounge sofa that still sparked enthusiasm in the furniture store, is in a smaller salon quickly became clunky monster. And the fresh blue paint on the wall of the room turns the once bright, spacious room in a dark tavern, instead hoping to produce marine feeling. Here you will find the matching furniture and accessories to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in Your Salon. In accordance with the colors, images and a pleasant music used will give your salon character and pleasant ambience, the selected furniture and accessories. Your customers will feel at home in your living room warm and comfortable, they will relax and unwind and keep any visit an unforgettable memory.

5 reasons why you should set up your beauty salon with us and our products

The task of finding a really competent, reliable and inexpensive department store nearby that offers you excellent Cosmetic products for purchase is not as easy as it may seem at first glance perhaps. If you choose us, you will never regret this decision. Our years of experience in the equipment of beauty salons, our highly qualified and highly motivated team and the trust of our longstanding customers give you the security of having the right partner at your side. We strive every day to improve our services and products and look forward over nothing more than if we were able to exceed the expectations of our customers even.
The main reasons why you should buy the equipment for beauty salon with us and use our products:
1. The rich and diverse range of high quality products.
The offered, almost limitless range of modern products will allow you, your beauty salon optimal set of high quality, yet competitively priced. With us you are all appliances and fixtures you need for your beauty salon find. You do not need to waste your valuable time searching for one or the other items in other stores waste.
2. Fair prices.
We attach great importance to an excellent price / performance ratio of our products and the advantages resulting from economies of scale in purchasing pass on to you. We face up to competition and promote open and fair with our competitive prices. The buying experience with us will help you not to overdraw your budget. In terms of quality and security you are with us already on the safe side.
3. After Sales - warranty and service support.
Our highly qualified and experienced professionals are looking forward to seeing you advice and support in all matters relating to warranty and service. Many years of experience and the indispensable product training our specialists always guarantee professional support and guarantee you the necessary return on investment. Service, meticulous and rapid execution of the work, fast delivery are just a few words to describe our strengths.
4. Highest Product Quality.
We attach great importance to an excellent quality of our products offered. We are aware that you have carried out a rigorous cost / benefit analysis before the start of their investment. An important parameter here is the expected useful life of the equipment, which is largely dependent on the supplied quality.
5th training and seminars for our customers.
You dream about it, to increase the professionalism of your employees? Useful information to get early to set new trends? Or to be informed in advance of new trends to then realize in your own living room and thus expand your range of services can be? You want to educate themselves or their employees in a special discipline to real masters in this field? Then take part in our extensive and exclusive seminars and training and development programs and visit our master classes. The seminars and training courses are carried out by highly experienced and recognized top specialists. Let's talk about it!
When shopping in our store also installment is possible.
You want to delight your customers with professional services and modern appliances? Your customers should relax you and feel good? You want to offer your customers the most modern equipment and state of the art treatment methods? Then you are right with us and we offer you to assist you in the future in partnership with your business. We want to make you successful. Therefore, we will do everything to ensure that your customers are satisfied with them. We will support you as our partners at any time quickly, flexibly and professionally advise .. Only satisfied customers guarantee long-term success.