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Electrotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy which is used for stimulation of the muscles through electric currents. Electrotherapy allows you to solve various problems related to physical pain, muscle pain, post-operative pain and others. The mechanism of action of electrotherapy consists of electric currents which are passed through the affected part of the body. Stimulation of the muscles through electric current electrotherapy reduces hypotrophy and strengthens the muscles.

There are two main types of electrotherapy: TENS electrotherapy which is based on the application by means of electrodes, appropriate currents whose micropulses excite only the nerve fibers of tactile sensitivity located under the skin. This type of therapy is also called pain therapy, because it is used to treat problems related to different pains. Practically the electrodes are placed in the most painful area and stimulation begins. TENS electrotherapy can be conventional, endorphinic, scanning, at maximum values, and mixed.

Another type of electrotherapy is EMS which means a technique that promotes muscle contractions through the application of electrical impulses. Electrotherapy This is used for medical therapy and as a complement to sports life. EMS is also used for aesthetic therapy and various procedures such as firming, anti-cellulite and drainage.

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