Massage chairs

Massage chairs

Work of a masseur is not easy! Our company European Medical Systems selects and supplies to Europe the best and the highest quality massage equipment for almost ten years. We tried to make work easier and more comfortable for massage therapists!


Why massage chairs?

Recently, the cervical spine diseases became very common among the population. This stems from the lack of exercise, physical inactivity. To eliminate swelling, stagnation in the cervical area, to prevent the accumulation of salts, people come to the massage therapist. In such cases, a massage chair really helps the experts. Only here, you can buy massage chairs of premium class, because we carry the most respected medical furniture brands.


What are the characteristics of our massage chairs?

Equipment for massage, presented on our site, meets all the standards requirements. Massage chairs are made only from high-quality materials: aluminum frame is responsible for the strength and durability, the fine foam and rubber padding has water-repellent and grease repellent properties. The seat, separate armrests, parts for knee, neck and face are regulated, adjusted to the physiological characteristics of the individual patient. Chairs are presented in different shades.


Buy cheap massage chairs.

With the company European Medical Systems , massage chairs can be bought at reasonable prices. We are always cheaper than our competitors are. Define a product, place orders online and wait for delivery! We work with different regions; supply the equipment in any way you like. Equip your massage room with super powerful appliances - and you will have a lot of visitors! Give your customers a session of the true relaxation!

Massage Chair MS-05
Massage Chair MS-06
Massage Chair MS-08
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