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Disposable and protective products, disinfectants

What are instrument disinfectors for?

In working with people, the moment of sterility is of great importance. Sterility of the hands of tools and equipment that the client and the master come into contact with during cosmetic procedures. Sterility can be achieved in several ways, for example, using sterilizers for instruments or treating the working part of the equipment with disinfectants. Cleansing of the hands of the master and the client is carried out with the help of liquid disinfectants, which fight against a mass of microbes and infections. You can buy disinfectants in Kyiv with different composition and consistency.

The main types of disinfectants are:

  • Alcohol-based liquids that are applied to hands or tools with a spray bottle.
  • Alcohol-based gels that are easy to apply with a dispenser. Ideal for hand treatment.
  • Disinfectant wipes will help wipe the equipment after the procedure.

This is a list of what not only manicure masters, hairdressers and cosmetologists use. All these products are widely used in everyday life, after visiting public places and when cleaning residential premises. All products have an alcohol base, and destroy a number of bacteria and microbes. It is necessary to order disinfectants for medical institutions, the food industry or for beauty salons with an alcohol content of at least 60%. The composition often contains additional components, for example, glycerin and propylene glycol.

The price of disinfectants in the UK is not expensive, and depends on the manufacturer, the presence or absence of a dispenser, and the volume of the bottle in which it is packaged at the factory. The presence of additional flavors, oils and nutrients in hand gels also affects the price of the product.

On the company's EMS Beauty  website, you can find inexpensive disinfectants for professional and home use. A small bottle of antiseptic is always useful in everyday life. Do not save on your health, use disinfectants while visiting catering places and after public transport, this way you will protect yourself from infection with common viruses.

In the online store of the EMS Beauty company you can buy disinfectants for tools used by manicure masters and hairdressers. This will help to quickly and efficiently disinfect scissors and other instruments that cannot be placed in the sterilizer. Liquid disinfectants kill all germs in 30 seconds, after which you can immediately work with the tool.

The EMS Beauty company has been cooperating with beauty salons in Kyiv and other cities of UK for many years. Contact this company and you will get the lowest possible prices for the best products.