Oxygen mesotherapy

Oxygen mesotherapy

Recently cosmetology has a new direction - oxygen mesotherapy (or bio-oxy-therapy). It is also called oxygen therapy. This method provides a fast and effective introduction of the active substances into the skin due to the pressure of oxygen.

Functional appliances for oxygen mesotherapy.

Oxygen mesotherapy became popular in the cosmetic industry quickly. This modern method leads to a change in characteristics of the cell membrane, in which the skin becomes healthy, supple and fresh. The skin receives all the required quantity of nutrients. Oxygen saturation of the skin ensures improvement of metabolic processes, the regeneration process is accelerated significantly and the appearance of the skin is largely becomes attractive. Such therapy is painless and safe, so it can be used without risk for health.

Oxygen therapy has many popular use areas: the prevention and treatment of acne, photo-aging, moisturizing and skin rejuvenation, correction of facial wrinkles and others.

The result of the use of oxygen therapy is silky, toned and beautiful skin without flaw. Now you can forget about wrinkles, sagging, dryness, acne and pigmentation on the skin.

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