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Cosmetic Apparatus VISAGE OXY PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM 1052 Hardware cosmetology helps to solve many problems of the appearance of a person much more successful if carried out in a complex cosmetic manipulation. Cosmetic Appa... Read more...

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Hardware cosmetology helps to solve many problems of the appearance of a person much more successful if carried out in a complex cosmetic manipulation. Cosmetic Apparatus VISAGEOXYPROFESSIONALSYSTEM 1052 provides high technology for face. In an integrated system of vocational five modern cosmetic method.
Among the functions of the device:
Microdermabrasion - soft and painless way to get rid of "dead cells" of the skin and stimulate regeneration. The effect is achieved by using special nozzles abrasive coated with tiny diamond grains. Diamond nozzle can remove layers of the skin to an arbitrary depth, start the process of skin renewal from within. With diamond peeling can be carried out delicate polishing delicate eyelid skin, neck and to achieve the full effect of lifting and rejuvenation, removing age spots, wrinkles and skin porosity. Diamond Microdermabrasion is perfectly combined with the subsequent procedures. You can use it to clean the skin and prepare it for the effects of physical and chemical factors.
- Oxygen therapy - a method of delivery of nutrients to the skin via an oxygen jet. It applied to the skin specially formulated cosmetics, and with the help of the nozzle into the skin under pressure is fed oxygen-air mixture (90-96% O2). A stream of oxygen carries the active ingredients of drugs through the intercellular space of the epidermis to the basal layer. Since the basal layer is in direct contact with the dermis, this mode provides the most comprehensive effect of the applied cosmetics.
- Radiowave lifting - the method used for correction of involutional changes in biological tissues. The procedure for radiofrequency therapy is based on a strictly controlled radiofrequency thermolysis. Bipolar RF exposure by modifying the structure of the dermis, initiates the process of cell proliferation and neocollagenesis, resulting in a tightening (contraction) of the connective tissue in the affected area. The ability to use radio wave frequency range 300MHz - 4 kHz leads to increased cell metabolism and stimulates the burning of fat tissue, thereby correcting the contours of the face and body. The successful design of the radiator can effectively act as the area around the eyes, and the skin on the forehead, cheeks and necks.
- Light Mask (phototherapy) - a modern technique based on the technology of selective effects on biological tissue optical wave visible and near-end of the spectrum. Phototherapy to optimize the healing process taking into account individual characteristics of the organism. The light wave affects the superficial and deeper layers of the skin and is used for the reconstruction of collagen and elastin, activation of metabolic processes, and improve the overall tone. The effectiveness of the procedure is to enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin of the skin, affecting both the deep and superficial layers of the dermis, without violating the integrity of the skin. The therapeutic effect is also reflected in the acceleration of the healing process, the treatment of the problem, oily skin, skin with acne.
- Electroporation - method for quick and safe administration of the active substances in the skin and subcutaneous tissue using electromagnetic waves. By electromagnetic pulses opens pores and temporarily increases the permeability of cell membranes in resulting formulations seamlessly enter the subcutaneous layers, and then directly inside the cells. Using electroporation can be carried out any area of skin rejuvenation. During and after the procedures used brand-name cosmetics ISol - anti-aging moisturizer for the skin and mask with extracts of marine phytoplankton.
The device is not only compact enough for a small office space, but also mobile, as mounted on the wheels. Flexible arm with working tools, tool lets you apply all of the above procedures for the treatment of the face, neck or any other part of the body of the client, at any location of the client, in a chair or on the couch.
Information board on top of the unit displays all the characteristics of the current set of beauty treatments.

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