Hair removal diode laser D-LAS 75

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To provide cosmetology services at a high and modern level, it is necessary to use special equipment, which are presented in a wide range on the pages of the online catalog of the EMS Beauty company. This company is the official representative of the world's manufacturers of cosmetic equipment and offers the absolute best conditions for the purchase.

The LD3 stationary device is designed for professional removal of unwanted hair on the body and uses the power of the laser for this. With proper use, it is possible to carry out completely painless hair removal on all parts of the body. Delicate skin is not affected by the laser flash, which does not leave burns and redness, this is achieved by combining the optimal characteristics of the laser.

The device is equipped with an emitter for 12 laser diodes produced by USA COHERENT. The wavelength has an optimal capacity to penetrate up to the level of the hair follicles, the heating of the hair shaft takes place directly, destroying it. Hair removal is not the only function LD3 performs: you can get to know all its features by calling EMS Beauty consultants.

The device has a unique design, which allows to connect hoses with different penetration depths (808 nm or 755/808/1064 nm) and different levels of penetration in the subcutaneous layers. The specialist selects the cuff based on the thickness and color of the hair and the color of the customer's skin.


Display: 10.4 inch touch screen

Wavelength 755nm 808nm 1064nm

Working frequency 1~10hz

Energy density 1-100j/cm² /1-150j/cm2

Handle piece cooling TEC+ sapphire

Cooling system TEC auto+Water+Air+Refrigeration

Spot size 14*39mm

Output power 3000w

Laser bars USA/ Germany laser

Output mode Pulse output

Language 8 languages

Display 15.6’ color touch screen

Flow sensor At least 6L/min

Environment temperature Air conditioning room, temperature ≤ 35℃

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