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The EMS Beauty company and the site bring specialists to the attention and recommend the SOPHIA "4 in 1" multifunctional device for work, which allows you to effectively perform a wide range of different procedures. This model offers cosmetologists the opportunity to use all the functions that diode and neodymium generators have in daily practice, and is also able to significantly expand the list of procedures performed through the use of E-Light and RF technologies. .

Technologies used and their characteristics

The four technologies that the SOPHIA device makes available to cosmetologists offer the possibility of performing procedures for hair removal, tissue rejuvenation, removal of tattoos or pigment spots and are also complementary. Each has a special effect on the cells and pigments in the tissues, which expands the list of available manipulations.

Diode laser - generates a light, which penetrates well into the tissues and is absorbed to the maximum by the melanin of the hairs and hair follicles, thus providing a forced selective heating only of intensely colored areas without affecting the surrounding tissues. Thanks to this, the cells responsible for hair growth are destroyed.

Neodymium laser (Nd Yag) - generates radiation, which is ideal for destroying coloring pigments of tattoos, permanent makeup, various types of pigmentation (age, sun, etc.). The radiation of a neodymium generator causes the explosive evaporation of the intracellular fluid and the destruction of the tattoo pigments, which allows you to quickly eliminate the coloring without interrupting the integrity of the epidermis, using only a non-ablative treatment method.

E-light - ELOS technique with combined complementary effects of Optical IPL and Radio Frequency technologies, widely used for non-ablative rejuvenation of the dermis and based on selective energy absorption and skin photothermolysis. This photo-epilation method is more effective than IPL and allows you to achieve the desired result faster.

RF action - method to make a rejuvenating effect on the dermis tissue, based on heating the layers of the dermis with radio wave energy. It is used to perform various corrective and rejuvenating cosmetic procedures, as it has a stimulating effect, which leads to cell renewal and recombination of the fibers of all layers of the dermis.

Hoses use liquid cooling, which helps prevent overheating of equipment and skin cells, which further increases the safety of procedures.

The peculiarity of the delivery of this model is the possibility when ordering to choose the configuration required by the customer and buy only the hoses that you need.

The following types of nozzles (hoses) can be included in the delivery set, in agreement with the customer:

diode emitter with a wave of 808 nm;

532/1064/1320 nm neodymium emitter;

E-light hose;

two RF hoses with water cooling for face and body treatment.

This allows you to reduce initial costs and ensure that the equipment meets the customer's needs to the maximum. The configuration and the final price of the set are agreed with the company manager when ordering.

Field of application of the SOPHIA appliance

Let's analyze in more detail in which cases the methods underlying the equipment in the SOPHIA device are used.

Diode laser - ideal for rapid and painless hair removal on the skin of the I-VI phototype. Perfectly manages hair removal on dark skin. It allows you to effectively remove unwanted hair on the face, limbs, back, front surface of the body, in the bikini area and in the armpits.

Laser Nd: Yag - ideal tool for non-ablative "removal" of tattoos, removal of permanent makeup on the face, treatment of varicose capillary dilatation (couperosis), removal of age-related pigmentation or other cosmetic defects with increased pigmentation . It does not damage the follicles and hair tissues, does not leave scars, does not require the use of anesthesia.

E-light - another, non-harmful method to remove hair on the entire surface of the body and face, rejuvenate its cells by restoring normal elasticity, flexibility, elasticity. It allows you to effectively remove freckles, fight pigment spots of various kinds, smooth wrinkles, whiten the skin.

RF action - radio frequency thermolysis technique, which allows to have a significant lifting and rejuvenating effect. Under the influence of radio waves, the coagulation of old and degraded fibers and structures occurs with a gradual painless replacement with new protein compounds. It is widely used egr eliminate wrinkles, renew the collagen fibers of the protein skeleton, improve the functions of all skin layers and restore the contours of the face or particular parts of the body, whose shape has changed due to aging, rapid weight loss or due to other reasons.

Unfortunately, neodymium, semiconductor and ELOS beam generators have their own list of contraindications that can limit or make it completely impossible to use the device.

The list of contraindications includes:

presence of malignant neoplasms and in particular skin cancer;

pregnancy period;

taking by the client of drugs that improve the photosensitivity of the dermis;

solarium or sun exposure for 3-4 weeks before treatment;

inflammatory processes in the area to be treated or herpes;

presence of scars after removal of tumors;

diabetes (with the use of insulin injections);

recent mechanical cleansing procedures and sensitive skin;

endocrine disorders in which light would speed up existing problems;

taking anticoagulants;


blood clotting disorders.

Because of these limitations, before starting a course of treatment, the patient must necessarily consult a doctor.

The use of all the methods listed in the review makes the SOPHIA device a true multifunctional "4 in 1" cosmetic device, which will be an ideal working tool for specialists in any beauty salon.

The wide parameter adjustment limits allow you to perform any manipulation, characteristic for each of the three technologies, which helps to choose the ideal treatment conditions for any visitor to the salon. To ensure the safety of customers and operators, the laser is equipped with a multistage protection that monitors the performance of all nodes and the exceeding of any device parameter of the allowed limits, as well as in case of malfunction of the electrical units. When a malfunction signal appears in the equipment, the operator can turn it off using the emergency stop button. As an additional level of system security, an unauthorized activation ban by another operator can be used.

To ensure the effective work of cosmetologists, the SOPHIA appliance kit includes tools and filters for performing various types of procedures, which greatly simplifies the start of work with new equipment.

Since SOPHIA is complex equipment and requires a high level of staff training for the job, EMS Beauty offers customers who have purchased a laser on a free training course. The course can be followed at the company's training center or remotely via video conference.

Technical requirements:

Diode and neodymium laser technologies, E-Light, RF

Types of hoses used 808 nm diode laser, ND Yag laser (three waves), E-Light, 2 distinct RF nozzles for face and body

Contact cooling (sapphire) + air + semiconductor + water

Contact cooling temperature, ° C -10 ... + 5

Network parameters 110V / 220V 50-60 Hz

10.4 "color touchscreen display

Menu languages ​​English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, French

Warranty on the control unit 2 years, on the hoses 1 year


Hose parameters:

Optionally, you can order the device in a black case (see photo feed)

Diode laser

Wavelength 808 nm

Type 10bars / 600W or 3 waves

Frequency, Hz 1-10

Energy, J / cm2 1-160

Pulse duration, ms 1-400

Stitch size, 10х10, 12х20, 15х27 mm

Nd: Yag laser

Wavelength, nm 532/1064/1320

Energy, J / cm2 1-1600

Frequency, Hz 1-7

E-light or IPL

Band filters, nm 430/530/560/590/640/690/755

Stitch size, mm 8х40, 12х30, 12х45, 15х50

Energy, J / cm2 10-50

Pulse width, ms 1-99

Number of pulses 1-5


Energy 1-50j/cm2

Working time 1-30min

Working mode Continuous and pulse mode

Handle3 heads Small mid and big with cooling

Cooling system Sapphire contact cooling style+ air+ semi-conductor

Crystal temperature -10~5C

Power requirement AC220V/110V 50-60HZ

Languages English, German, Spanish Italian Portuguese Russian, Turkish, French


Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature, ° C + 22 ... + 28

Relative humidity,% ≤80

Atmospheric pressure, gPa 860 ... 1060

Power supply 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz or 110 V ± 10%, 60 Hz


Transport and storage conditions:

Ambient temperature, ° C -10 ... + 60

Relative humidity,% ≤100

Atmospheric pressure, gPa 500 ... 1060

Package dimensions, 51х70х135 cm

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