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A truly innovative device for rejuvenating, updating and treating various skin problems - EMS-W8 is presented to your attention.

Operating principle

EMS-W8 is a combination of 9 technologies, the main of which is hydrodermabrasion. This is like other types of microdermabrasion, only skin cleansing is performed under the pressure of a stream of water. Efficiency at the same level, only the procedure itself is now more delicate for the skin. Other technologies are diamond peeling, ultrasound therapy (micromassage), an oxygen spray, vacuum, scrubber, light therapy with red or blue LED light, electrical stimulation.

The peculiarity of the application is that in one procedure, the skin has a triple effect: cleansing with hydrodermabrasion and peeling, removing comedones, antioxidant therapy and deep moisturizing of the skin. Thus, it is possible to start several processes at once: accelerate regeneration, rejuvenate, eliminate inflammation, deeply nourish the dermis. Visible changes will be noticeable after the first session, and with each procedure the effect will only increase, since the body is stimulated by rejuvenation and renewal by the activated internal processes of the body.

A feature of EMS-W8 is also that during processing, three types of HydroPeel nozzles are used, which are disposable, which reduces the risk of infection. Also, the Vortex Fusion system is considered to be an innovative device, which allows you to continuously nourish your skin with serums during treatment for best results.

Adjustable Conditions

EMS-W8  technology is used for such manipulations:

  • deep cleansing of the skin, including comedones;
  • acne and acne treatment;
  • correction of acne, scars;
  • regulation of the sebaceous glands;
  • narrowing of enlarged pores;
  • elimination of hyperpigmentation;
  • treatment of dyskeratosis;
  • treatment of rosacea and rosacea;
  • reduction or complete elimination of puffiness;
  • stretch marks correction;
  • solution to the problem of ingrown hair;
  • wrinkle smoothing;
  • increase skin firmness and elasticity;
  • improving the texture and color of the skin;
  • general rejuvenation of the skin.

The advantage of the technology is that in order to achieve the desired results, one treatment is usually enough, and the results are pleasing for a long time. However, it all depends on the individual case of the patient - for serious skin problems, up to 8 procedures may be required.

Equipment advantages

EMS-W8 stands out for its benefits compared to other skin care devices:

The complex of technologies allows to achieve pronounced results in a shorter period of time, without losing at the same time on their duration.

The same feature allows using one installation to correct many skin imperfections, saving a person from problems for a long time, and sometimes forever.

There is no rehabilitation period after the procedure, since the method is absolutely not invasive. What is there, even the skin does not blush! Immediately after the session, you can at least on the red carpet. Many Hollywood stars will confirm - the West has long fallen in love with EMS-W8.

The technology is suitable for all skin types. The procedure itself is performed, regardless of the time of year.

Although it may seem that the control system of the device is incredibly complex, in fact it is not. The interface is simple enough for an experienced user, and beginners are always happy to help our store staff.


Contraindications to the use of technology are:

  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • infectious diseases;
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • diabetes;
  • oncological processes in the body;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • damage to the integrity of the skin;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin.

Before you start working with equipment, you should make sure that a person does not have any of the above conditions. This is a guarantee of a safe and desired outcome for the patient.

Order device

You can purchase the innovative EMS-W8 at a bargain price in the online store. We have not only the best price in the country, but you also have the opportunity to undergo free training on how to use the device. The format of training you choose, and after its completion you will receive a certificate.

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