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For specialists in the beauty industry, the  website presents an innovative rejuvenation apparatus - PLASMA ESTI-70. Modern equipment, equipped with two handles, will allow you to perform a number of anti-aging procedures, including non-surgical blepharoplasty.

Operating principle

Correction of skin imperfections with the PLASMA ESTI-70 is an innovation in the field of rejuvenation. Instead of laser or radio frequency energy, plasma energy, which is thermal energy, is used to influence the biological tissues of the body. It is due to it that anti-aging mechanisms are launched. First, the skin is pierced with special needles that the device is equipped with, and plasma heat is passed through the created points of thermocoagulation, which starts intercellular regeneration processes.

As a result of using the PLASMA ESTI-70 apparatus, old collagen fibers are destroyed, the skin contracts, thereby providing a lifting effect. In addition, the synthesis of a new protein is launched, which forms a new collagen skeleton of the skin over the next few months, providing a young look for 2 years. However, the positive effects do not end there.

Plasma energy has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effects, so that with its use it is possible to destroy various bacteria in the skin. And the peculiarity of plasma to normalize ionic structures allows it to improve tissue hydration, eliminate pigment damage, and prevent the appearance of early signs of aging.

Application in cosmetology

The device PLASMA ESTI-70 is designed for such procedures:

  • treatment of acne and acne by killing pathogenic bacteria;
  • smoothing stretch marks, scars, scars after acne and acne;
  • wrinkle smoothing;
  • restoration of tissue elasticity;
  • lifting of sagging, sagging skin;
  • increased tissue hydration;
  • removal of papillomas, keratomas, warts, xanthelasm;
  • reduction or complete elimination of age spots;
  • skin color improvement;
  • removal of low-quality tattoo;
  • stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin;
  • non-surgical removal of excess skin of the upper eyelid (non-surgical blepharoplasty);
  • Prevention of premature aging.

The main advantage of the presented equipment is that it can be used equally effectively both on the face and body.

Equipment advantages

The distinctive benefits of rejuvenation with the PLASMA ESTI-70 system are:

  • Since the device is equipped with two manipulators for surgical excision and plasma rejuvenation, it is designed to correct a wide range of conditions and can be combined with other methods of rejuvenation.
  • The method is safe for all skin phototypes. When used correctly, there is no risk of side effects.
  • Positive changes can be seen after the first procedure.
  • The processing time is not more than half an hour. And although it will take a recovery period after it, until the crusts fall off, right after the session a person can return home.
  • The blepharoplasty technique used provides a result similar to the operation, but is a more affordable option.
  • During the procedure, only local anesthesia is required.
  • Among other things, the system is compact in size, so you can place it without sacrificing free space.


Contraindications to plasma rejuvenation are:

  • the presence of a pacemaker or Holter monitor;
  • the presence of metal or silicone implants;
  • mental disorders, including epilepsy;
  • purulent and inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.
  • A ban exists to protect the patient's health from any possible complications.

Order device

You can order the PLASMA ESTI-70 device in the online store at a bargain price. Upon purchase, we provide a guarantee of service, and also offer to undergo free training in the rules of operation of equipment. The format of training is determined by you yourself - either in the company’s office, or remotely. Upon completion of training, you will be issued a certificate.

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