Massage tables: how to choose the right model

Massage is a popular method of both treatment and relaxation. Since this method is chosen by every second person, the massage table on which the procedures will be carried out must meet all requirements and be completely comfortable. To help you choose the best model, we have prepared this article.

Massage table: selection criteria

Before you buy a massage table, the first thing you need to determine is in what conditions it will be used. If you are a specialist on the road or receiving at home, a folding massage table is suitable for you. They are lightweight, making them easy to move and fold to hide when the equipment is not in use. Folding models are stable, so the specialist can accept patients weighing up to 250 kg.

If the procedures will be carried out in a massage center or beauty salon, you must definitely choose a stationary massage table (provided, however, that there is enough space for it in the office - otherwise you will need a folding model). Stationary tables are distinguished by their large dimensions, high load capacity and the presence of open shelves or built-in drawers for storing consumables and necessary equipment. Also, some stationary tables have armrests and headrests, due to which such models can also be used as beauty couches for a number of other procedures, including pedicures.

Many models are equipped with an electric motor to allow you to change the positions of different sections of the table. They do not require any tension from the specialist. To better understand how they work, check out the different models in this section, where massage tables come in the form of a table, couch, pedicure chair, and even rehabilitation tables.

That's why we said from the very beginning that before you dive into the assortment, you need to understand what exactly you need - then your catch will be successful.

Standard Requirements

Having examined what types of tables exist on the market, you need to study what requirements exist for the characteristics of the equipment. The list is small, but will be very helpful when purchasing:

  • The most optimal dimensions of the table are 2 meters long and 80 centimeters wide. Such dimensions will allow procedures to be carried out by people of different configurations.
  • The surface of the table should ideally be hard. Then the patient will be comfortable during the entire process.
  • Adjustable height is everything to us. Then it will be comfortable for several specialists to work at one table.
  • The main requirement for the table material is wear resistance and moisture resistance. This will extend the life of the table, plus it will be easy to clean.

The rest of the acquisitions are like rollers - this is everyone’s personal business. It all depends on the type of massage you are going to provide to your clients.

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