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Product Code: UMS-M2
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Vaporizer is designed to be an indispensable tool master cosmetologist, his main task is to work out of steam. The device used for the treatment of epidermal face or body steam to accelerate the expansion of the skin pores to ultrasonic or mechanical cleaning and various kinds of peeling. Steaming the skin significantly increases blood flow, stimulates the secretion of sebum, helps the rapid removal of contaminants. The function contributes to the absolute ozonation disinfection of the treated area of ​​skin. Vaporizer is also widely used for aromatherapy. Vaporizatsionnye manipulation also contribute to the best penetration of the active components of cosmetics deep into the human skin.

The basis of the device is a rugged metal housing with a double insulation, it is equipped with a glass container of water. Vaporizer UMS-M2 is a rugged and durable device is compact size, equipped with a convenient timer.

Weight of the device is only 8.6 kg, its height is adjustable from 110cm 76do, the range of rotation of the built-in atomizer - 180.

Technical requirements:

- Input frequency - 50-60 Hz;

- Power consumption of the product - 750 W;

- Input voltage - 200-240 V.

Norma poured water - 1 liter
The height of the spray head of steam - 1.25 m

- The nozzle can be rotated 360 °
- Heater power 550 watts
- Voltage 220-230V, 50-60 Hz
- Automatic shutdown with a decrease in water levels to a critical
- Is a function of ozonation