3D device HIFU 2in1 UMS-HF4

3D device HIFU 2in1 UMS-HF4
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HIFU 2in1 - UMS-HF4. Features of the system will allow you to perform facial and body rejuvenation, as well as carry out procedures to restore the vagina and improve the woman’s intimate life.

Technology Description

The UMS-HF4 that you see in front of you is a HIFU system. This abbreviation stands for high-intensity focused ultrasound. Equipment is used for various purposes - from rejuvenating facial tissues to eliminating local fat deposits and tightening the vagina. This effect is achieved due to the influence of ultrasonic waves.

The principle of action on any part of the face and body is the same. The difference in the range of ultrasound radiation. The bottom line is that ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the tissues, exposing the protein compounds of collagen fibers to heat. As a result of excessive temperature increase, the protein coagulates and the fibers contract, providing an instant pull-up effect.

Additionally, HIFU creates thermocoagulation points on the skin, thus activating accelerated tissue regeneration, the production of new collagen and elastin fibers, as well as the recombination of the collagen frame. That is why the effect of the procedure continues to increase for several months after treatment. This is about tissue rejuvenation.

When processing body fat, ultrasound actually destroys fat cells. Damaging the membranes of adipocytes, HIFU pushes fat from them into the lymph, from where it is excreted in a few weeks. After cleansing the body of decay products, you can evaluate the results. Usually, there is a decrease in volumes to 2-3 centimeters.

Adjustable Conditions

The presented UMS-HF4 system is designed to perform such manipulations:

smoothing wrinkles of various depths;

lifting sagging, sagging skin on any part of the body;

increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin;

a decrease in the severity of nasolabial folds;

prevention of premature aging;

face contouring;

body contour modeling;

elimination of local fatty deposits;

a decrease in the severity or complete smoothing of cellulite;

strengthening the walls of the vagina;

elimination of the effects of vaginal relaxation;

improving the quality of a woman’s intimate life;

restoration of the secretory function of the glands;

reduction of pathogenic microflora.

The presence of 4 cartridges - 2 for processing the face and body and 2 for processing the vagina - allows you to perform corrective manipulations on any part of the face and body.

Model benefits

Competitive advantages of the UMS-HF4 model are:

A set of cartridges to expand the range of services provided by the cosmetology center. Thus, you can attract new customers and quickly recoup investments by starting to earn money on equipment.

HIFU technology is FDA approved, which confirms its safety and efficiency.

To achieve positive results, usually one procedure is enough, the effect of which lasts from 1 to 2 years. In case of serious age or cosmetic defects, the doctor may prescribe additional treatment, but no more.

The ergonomic shape of the maniples allows the cosmetologist to easily process even hard-to-reach areas of the face and body.

The system is compact in size, so it will be easy to place it in your office without compromising on space.

A minimum amount of consumables is required to complete the procedure.

The presence of a perfect warning system allows you to instantly detect a malfunction or error in the operation of the device.

It is also worth noting that the UMS-HF4 has an intuitive interface, so it’s easy to figure out its parameters and operating modes.


It is strictly forbidden to use the equipment presented with such contraindications:

pregnancy and lactation;

infectious diseases;

autoimmune diseases;

pathology of the development of connective tissue;

tendency to form keloid scars;

pathology of the endocrine system;

mental disorders;

blood diseases, including a violation of its coagulability;

inflammatory dermatological processes;

mechanical skin injuries;

the presence of an integrated pacemaker, metal and silicone implants;

taking anticoagulants and steroids;

critical days (when using vaginal nozzles).

That is why the initial examination and acquaintance of the doctor with the patient’s medical history is so important - they help prevent any side effects and complications.

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